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Published: April 8, 2014
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If there is an album that surprised me in 2013, that is certainly " Ghost Light "of Galaktik Cancer Squad , a one-man German band who reappears on the scene after 3 albums digitally with the fourth effort.  As mentioned earlier, the whole project is in the hands of one man: Argwohn. The type of music proposal is very ambitious: it is Melodic Black Metal with strong influences from post-rock ; two genres that usually are completely incompatible, but  our Argwohn has succeeded in creating a harmonious combination of them that has some spark of Death Metal here and there. Before proceeding to the description of the tracks that struck me most is appropriate to say a few words about the instrumental technique of the musician. Every single instrument, in fact, played very well, presenting a great variety of compositions (mainly due to influences from many different genres listed above) as regards both the riffs and guitar solos, they know to be melancholic and sad-but also energetic and tritaossa that only knows how to be more raw Black Metal-, both with regard to the battery, which ranges from blast beats to the rhythms of classic, never to bore the listener. Now comes the most difficult moment: the songs. It is one of the most complicated parts of this review for the simple fact that these tracks, although a few (5 in total), all communicate something different and unique, from rhythmic typically Melodic Death Metal riff harmonized with style Insomnium (as in second track "When the Void Whispers My Name" ) to melancholy and dreamy arpeggios (as at the end of "Ethanol Nebula" and even "When The Void Whispers My Name"), or again as in the opening riff Black Metal " Ethanol Nebula "and "In Lichterlosen Weiten" . One of the things I most appreciated in this record is the presence of elements of Post Rock / Shoegaze , which give a touch of sadness and resignation more than in this style of music never hurts, as well as the piano arpeggio inserted into the third track, which gives the impression of calm before the storm, and then explode into a storm Black Metal. And this is what really amazes: the originality and variety of styles that are perfectly blended so that steps arpeggios, melodic riffs a bit 'more pissed off are never forced, but quite natural. It is as if the music on this disc represent the duality of the human soul, from a compassionate and emotional side, the other brutal and violent. It is now rare to find musicians capable of creating their own masterpieces of this caliber and I think that Argwohn has managed to create something innovative and original that would be able to hit any music lover and not extreme. That said, I am proud to own a copy of this fantastic album that will continue to accompany me for a long time with his emotions and his ferocity.

Rating: 8/10
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 Released: June 21, 2013
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