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Published: February 2, 2013
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Galaktik Cancer Squad is a One-Man Band Black Metal Progressive, from Hamburg in Germany. It is the musician Argwohn (Durothar, Garleben, Grauzeit, Morphinist, former Metakognition) which deals with instrumentation and vocals. It has to its credit since its inception in 2011, four albums, two splits, an EP and a compilation. A rather productive musician, therefore we reserve its latest album, "Ghost Light." It was released last year via the Hypnotic Dirge Records.

The artwork is simple, with black drawing of a nebula in shades of red orange. Although simple, it is effective, attaches the eye and allows you to dive into the world of the musician.

Black Metal proposed by Galaktik Cancer Squad is called Progressive. Characteristic element of this: the duration of the five pieces that make up the album from 7 minutes to a quarter of an hour.
The instrumentation, far from being as complex as one might expect, the path is part of several styles that blend extremely well, playing with atmospheres. Within the same piece, we find elements of Post-Black musicians then passes over more parts Ambient like Ethanol Nebula. 'In lichterlosen Weiten is a piece that also switches between styles with more melodic parts and this keyboard, which allows you to create different moods in the spirit of' Aspera Hiems Symfonia 'of Artcurus or very melancholy. But again, in the same song, there is nothing similar in the beginning. The end of it fits in a more traditional Black Metal, with a faster tempo and violent riffs, like 'When the Void Whispers My Name.
The Progressive side feels at some guitar parts on the song as 'hypnosis' is there, supported by a keyboard purely progressive sounds, giving an appearance'' space'' to music.

The song is a very good support to Black Metal parts and avoids to us listeners, bored with parties who may be too atmospheric and without variations. Although there is no great variation in the song, its occasional use is intelligently used to avoid, again, the monotony of an album that might be too long without it. The title track of the album, 'Ghost Light', is a perfect example, with quiet time, melody and other violent and fast.

Despite undeniable strengths, the album has some weaknesses. Of course, it varies and it avoids boredom. The alternation of Post-Black of Atmospheric Black, Black and Prog is a strong point. But also a weak point because these parts lack originality and personality, although their use is well done. They are very traditional. We regret the lack of more progressive parts like 'hypnosis' that can transcribe musical space nebulae. Especially that music is central to the work of Cancer Galaktik Squad.

"Ghost Light" is a great album for any fan of Post / Atmospheric / Black Metal but fishing on the progressive side. It would benefit from developing it to find an original musical personality and play, therefore, more easily with other styles, to continue to break down barriers between them.

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 Released: June 21, 2013
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