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Published: June 24, 2013
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Whatever may be the German black metal scene sometimes very questionable, also has a supply of high quality clubs that the overall level of uplift and most can also be the nejzářivějšímu what black metal genre can offer. Proof of this is a one-man project called Galaktik Cancer Squad , which holds firmly in the hands of man with the pseudonym Argwohn . Making this musician is not entirely unknown to me, because I was with him (unknowingly) had met while listening to the band Garleben , which focused more folkovějšímu concept of black metal, but also quality. But Galaktik Cancer Squad , it is either good or bad soup and too many trips to distant parts of the universe.

As always, the last time it was my first meeting with the project, but basically immediately the first notes of the album "Ghost Light" swept me off the chair. The main element of expression is a black metal, spiced with a pile of other influences, a supporter of the orthodox chřestivého evil this record probably will not. The album could reach more open head that is not afraid of cleaner production, melodic guitar solos and melancholic reflection instead of barking mad. But of course uses traditional Blacks elements such as tremolové riffs and melodies and blast beats, but as a whole the album (actually the whole Galaktik Cancer Squad ) beyond black metal with all its clichés. The project was originally purely instrumental, now Argwohn used as vocals, but these are not so important for him. Here most of the time caters to experience the music itself. Needless to say, everything that you hear on the album is the work of a single person, both mentally and physically.

That will not quite an easy listening, it is evident from the fact that the album reaches a length of fifty minutes at five tracks, which is a solid charge. I have no doubt that many listeners will "Ghost Light" seem uninteresting and boring rambles. But the opposite is true. When you really focus on listening, you pulls together and feel all sounds, ideas and subtle solos. Although the album is solid and the songs flow somewhat naturally for me, but I'm not to mention absolutely brilliant "In lichterlosen Weiten" , which is the real essence of what you can find on the album. But this gem is simply sparkle more than others. Magnificent home, sypačky, interludes with keys and beautiful melodies, close your eyes and float in space outside world. Ability to work on all sensors is perfected and the album makes me a lot of emotions.

And though, in terms of emotional sites very often pushes the envelope, the songs never outgrow the exaggerated patetičnost or icky rozplizlost. He still holds the drive and black metal shade of blackness through which such things can work so intensively. I think I can identify with the label progressive black metal, not in terms of gaming exhibition (which ultimately sounded pretty shitty idea Dream Theater à la black metal (laughs)), but rather compositional procedures atmosphere. I'm sure it's an album which in itself exceeds the boundaries style of black metal and makes it a little more mature genre. For me complete satisfaction and open to all fans of black metal I highly recommend it.

Rating: 9/10
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