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Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, August 23, 2013 Under: Album Reviews
August 20, 2013
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Suspicious (sorry for the small pun) I treated myself to the not so short in the post-Space Trip BM genre and dragged me the new album "Ghost Light" by Galactic Cancer Squad. Again, we have to do it again with a solo project, an ambitious musician. The one with the fine-sounding pseudonym "suspicion" equipped musicians donated alongside bass, drums, and guitar also called the song on disc.

According to information was considered "Ghost Light" too hard for the band Uranus Explodes (post-rock) and so suspicion summarily decided the material to be processed in a new project. The result is a small black jewel on a dark and angry music that excites my nerves properly.
The five tracks (with a playing time of over 50 minutes) title technically carry the story around the universe, eternal darkness and the insane depth of the room. Without wanting to generalize all the songs are across the board atmosphere so dense that I at least one title every moment is brought goosebumps. The best example here is the 9 minute (and thus resettled in the middle of the length) track "When The Void Whispers My Name". Although suspicion generally stingy with his voice, here half the song along with typical BM strumming, solos and small growls is highlighted, then after half time before a guitar solo heralds the spherical part. "Soft" guitar sounds that slowly fade out with echo effect - This one runs open doors for me. In the 12-minute epic "In lots of lights Worlds" this effect is produced by a piano part, which is in the middle of the brake before suspicion utter his voice staccato guitars and double bass artillery can. Somewhat lengthy is the longest (and last) piece of "hypnosis" therefore, does exactly what it promises announced. Hypnotic and somehow monotonous riffing with little variation over time. Who fights through here gets towards the end but again with small treats a small consolation.
The disc has everything I need in my view for a good BM plate. Variety, melody, a good deal of skill and a coherent concept. This is a decent length, moreover, a ridiculously low price and high catchy high "replayability factor" and complete availability on Bandcamp. Of course, one of the way has fallen more than long pieces, but we are not here for fun!

Rating: 9/10

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 Released: June 21, 2013
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Progressive Post-Black Metal