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Published: July 30, 2013
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The German Argwohn been building for several years on the road with his own hateful solo project. At first I thought for a moment that this was a fundraiser for charity again, but when I found out I had misunderstood what the name. Three years is the working man and he is on his fourth album, which therefore makes it a decent drive is writing. However, you Galaktic Cancer Squad nowhere simplistic or easy call and the reverse seems true even in this Ghostlight . Black metal, but with a post-rock and symphonic-like edge.

It became five songs, but still good for an hour of material. Argwohn always brings a structure that draws in and where you always find something new to find. In Doing it myself strongly reminiscent of the older Wolves In The Throne Room , at least if you look at the depth of this melodic material and layering of this music. However, this project delves into some other directions and makes me think of both atmospheric explosions of Totalselfhatred as better post-rock material. When The Void Whispers My Name is perhaps the track where the artist his soul has the most plugged in, though nothing this picture really inferior to the rest. Everywhere you have those swirling melodic and energetic drumming that Ghostlight make a powerful image, but also dares the man's struggle with rest areas and atmospheric piano parts that are checked again released for firmer.

The only thing I really have what bothers is the rather low grunt vocals of this man. I read that this project was formerly completely instrumental and then also wonder whether it was not better so remained. In any case, this is definitely high musical material for fans of the older Wolves In The Throne Room .

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Yves Pilgrims

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 Released: June 21, 2013
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