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November 20, 2016
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Harrow just re-released their album Fragments of a Fall Star, previously released in 2013. This album came out first digitally and on tape, and now just came out as a CD. You may find the artwork below.

The album has four tracks, all of them with a high atmospheric touch to them.
First track, Fragments of a Fallen Star, has an intro with acoustic and sort of spiritual sounds, if that makes sense. Soon slowly starts transforming into something different with delicate and spooky voices, which introduce you to the guitar filled strong and passionate melodies of the rest of the track and the album. Voice is quite powerful and the whole thing together takes you to a great journey where music merges with feelings and emotions.

However heavy and fast and proper Black Metalish music, this album is full or surprises, as sometimes there are some quite dark doom passages as well and then again more introspective parts. Very satisfying to listen to and some bits stay in your ear for quite a long time, for the best reasons.

Is a very energetic and vibrating release that everyone should have the pleasure to listen to and to feel.

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 Released: November 8, 2016
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