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Review from The Blog of Doom

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, April 23, 2016, In : English 
From: The Blog of Doom
Published: March 25, 2016

Embracing the classic Doom/Death Metal sound, this Greek 6-piece cranks out a stunning Peaceville homage on their debut release. Switching between death growls and soaring cleans, the vocals call on 20+ years of genre influence while delivering tales of sorrow and pain and all that good stuff. As always, though, I’m a sucker for the slow, haunting guitar lines that provide the bulk of the record’s melody. The album is a bit bloat...

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Review from Hard Rock Info

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, April 23, 2016, In : English 
From: Hard Rock Info
Published: April 17, 2016

The shortest song is 5 and a half minutes, and that's normal. But the rest is between approximately 9-11 minutes long. I guess it's not so hard for you to figure out that it's yet another heavy-weight band. Some kind of atmospheric and melancoly death/doom metal.
IMMENSITY comes from Greece, and was formed in the beginning of 2009 in Athens. This is their debut album.
These 7 songs last for approximately 68 minutes, and that's very long....

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Review from Doom Metal Heaven

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, April 9, 2016, In : English 
From: Doom Metal Heaven
April 9, 2016
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The debut album from this six-piece death-doom band from Greece offers a vast ocean of suffering for the listener to dive into. Over the course of an hour or so, Immensity squeeze in a spectacular number of elements on this release.

The slow, regal riffs remind the listener of Daylight Dies, with echoes of My Dying Bride; the clean vocals provide an elegant foil to the growled misery; the keyboards and delicate picking create a subtly...

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Review from IYE Zine

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, April 2, 2016, In : Italian 
From: IYE Zine
Published: April 2, 2016

Un’altra band si affaccia al proscenio del metal più malinconico e melodico: si tratta dei greci Immensity, i quali con The Isolation Splendour entrano a far parte del ricco novero delle band europeo dedite al doom death atmosferico.

Il gruppo ellenico, nel corso di questo riuscito esordio su lunga distanza, dimostra d’aver appreso alla perfezione gli insegnamenti dei migliori nomi del settore, e parlo in particolare di Swallow The Sun e ...

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Review from The Metal Observer

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, April 2, 2016, In : English 
From: The Metal Observer
Published: March 31, 2016

For all the excellent black metal that has come out of Greece the last few decades, the country has produced surprisingly few doom/death bands. Formed in 2009 by Andreas Kelekis, Immensity is one of the few doom/death bands to call the country home. Kelekis rounded out the group in 2010 and 2011 and released a demo, The Lonely Aquarelle, in 2012. After hooking up with Hypnotic Dirge, Immensity is set to release their debut album, T...

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 Released: March 21, 2016
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Genre: Atmospheric Death-Doom Metal