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Published: December 19, 2016

After the demo "The Lonely Aquarelle", IMMENSITY releases thru BadMoodMan Music and Hypnotic Dirge Records their debut full-length album entitled "The Isolation Splendour" combining growl and clean vocals. The band was founded in the beginning  of 2009 by Andrew Kelekis (Guitars), the other members are Leonidas Hatzimihalis who did a great job in "Aspectations" (EQUAL VECTOR),  Chris Markopoulos (Guitars), George Kritharis (Bass), Yiannis Fillipaios (Drums) and the female presence of Nora Koutsouri (Keyboards, Synthesizers).The sextet from Greece playing a Gothic Doom with some moments of Death Metal.

This delightful album has seven tracks, (two of them are remastered from the demo). "Heartfelt like Dying" was chosen to start this work, slowly calling you to an immersive IMMENSITY world. It has a progressive vein with a constant change of style and speed, the progression of the riffage is very exciting, the drums are perfectly played .Everything fits in a harmonious and splendid way, showing us basically what we will hear in the six next songs. "The Isolation Splendour" track, which bears the name of the album, shows all the cinereous atmospheric they can provide.

Composed of pure expressiveness and emotion, "Adornment" together with "Eradicate" (my favorite out of the seven) are the two tracks brought from the demo, and both are the only ones that start with clean vocals. About my last statement, I consider "Everlasting Punishment" basically an instrumental song that brings together all synergy between the musicians. "The Sullen" brings a little of death metal passages specially in the third quarter. "Irradiance (for the unlight)" is very melodic and walks over a depressive guitars road.

"The Isolation Splendour" is a splendorous album, drowning whoever listens to it in a parallel and reflective universe. The energy and passion used by the band to build that fantastic work is practically physically touchable in every single detail. Fans of MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA probably will enjoy it to the maximum. Immensity does not create something fully new, but can be seen that they have strong personality.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: Bruno Diniz

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 Released: March 21, 2016
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