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Published: May 20, 2016
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If I said that I wasn’t waiting a long time for this record, I would be lying. After 4 years of patience, Immensity finally released their first album.

My first experience with this band from Athens was back in 2012 when they released a 2-track promo titled “The Lonely Aquarelle”. Hopefully, these tracks are also in this album which contains 7 tracks and has over 1-hour total running time. Immensity’s style isn’t something common among the Greek metal bands. Their atmospheric doom/death metal isn’t exactly easy-listening and in my opinion requires a lot of talent in order to distinguish. Maybe that’s why it took them so long to release it? Who knows. Anyway, this belongs to the past and all the beloved elements of this sound are here. Doom tempos, excellent atmosphere, cold melodies. Without getting boring at all, every song hides a little surprise. Sometimes darker, sometimes more melodic, sometimes even more brutal that reminds of death metal. There are no fillers, no bad moments, no unnecessary music. Of course we have to mention the man behind the song titles, lyrics and microphone. Leonidas Hatzimichalis is simply amazing in his duties. Most people know him from his vocals in melodic/progressive bands like Equal Vector, Imaginery and Fatal Morgana but in this album he shows us that his voice knows no boundaries. His brutal vocals are excellent without omitting some melodic touches that add more color to the songs. Hymns like “Everlasting Punishment” and “Adornment” show that this band has a lot of talent. A talent that is also shown in their ability to filter all their influences from the classic bands of this sound without copying any of them.

There is no need to analyze further this album, anyone who will listen to it will feel it in his own way and travel through its music. Immensity are fantastic in their long awaited debut album. The fans of dark atmospheric sound just found their new favorite band.
For the fans of: Draconian, My Dying Bride, Mourning Beloveth, Swallow The Sun

Reviewed by: George Terzakis

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 Released: March 21, 2016
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Genre: Atmospheric Death-Doom Metal