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Published: March 10, 2014
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Shoegaze meets Black Metal - a combination that can work and have it as shown, for example, Alcest on their previous albums, but can also go quite well wrong, as countless examples prove. Now try calling this combination even the Italians of In My Shiver, the with Delicate Poison introduce their second album and it is found that the self-reported so completely not true, because although the Black Metal sometimes flickers on, a lot more sounds all like a combination of depressive progressive rock as they make Katatonia and old gothic rock in the vein of The Cure and Fields of the Nephilim. But even that is a balancing act that is difficult.

Musically it create In My Shiver but these problems to master and connect the individual elements multifaceted. To view Closed relatively dynamically to business, while False unfolds a claustrophobic mood. In Liquid hour , the name seems to be program and you find yourself in playful melodies again, which tend to extravagance. Contrast Melancholic is Into The Gray Line , just like drain , but that looks much more desperate and with the final Empty Wealth one begins quietly, until you are in the middle surrounded by cold riffs, only to be released again with dreamy acoustic guitars from the album .

Delicate Poison is one of the albums who know how to convey a mood through the whole album and musically to vary their influences so that each song similar and yet different sound, which makes the album a mix of styles that is more than worthwhile, to be heard.

Reviewed by: Tristan Osterfeld

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 Released: January 17, 2014
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