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Published: May 31, 2014
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In My Shiver is a completely new name to the undersigned, as some of you may have already known four years ago, at the time of the debut album "Black Seasons." It is a trio arrived at the Marche second album, now on Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Define a single label music composed by MKh979 (vocals, guitar, drums), Asha (guitar) and Lux ​​Occulta (low) would be an understatement, as well as very difficult, because the content of "Delicate Poison" is made up of several pieces of various sources, but assembled so as to ensure an outcome rather homogeneous and compact. We are dealing in general with a dark-Depressive metal rock "robust", whose touchstone in terms of atmospheres that sound could be assured Woods Of Ypres: You're bitter reflections on the existence, often meaningless and empty, and difficulties in interpersonal relationships, distorted and compromised by the masks we wear.

Within "Delicate Poison" live two souls: the violence of black metal, which is located in the screaming and some feral acceleration, and delicate features, poignant and ethereal (also acoustic) attributable to rock in a broad sense. As if that were not enough, there are also touches mentioned avantgarde post-black metal and references to the latest Forgotten Tomb. The album expresses a certain suffering in an almost "quiet", just as stated in the title, and do not ever transcends self-injury on the slopes typical of the DSBM scene, preferring a creeping melancholy and as already mentioned, intense sound full.

Moving from "technical" to a critical evaluation, it should be pointed out that "Delicate Poison" is a sort of constant flux, whose motion is not affected by numerous handles cross within the pieces, consisting of rhythmic variations and atmospheric, from deadlifts or the crescendo of pathos. Is so difficult to cite individual tracks particularly representative, since the whole unit prevails and missing elements that characterize such a point in a piece to make it stand on the other. This is not necessarily a flaw, but it gets the light of today's music scene, in which you need songs that capture the immediate attention of the listener "hasty" and then lead him only at a later time to the entire album.

The duration of the compositions on the other hand is a sore point (almost fifty minutes, broken into six pieces), because I believe it is justified by the rich alchemy proposal: in short, a snip of a couple of minutes per song would have allowed lighten up a little 'l 'listening, that on the final weight out, also because of the repetition of solutions almost identical, as in the case of the clean vocals ("Empty Wealth"), which tends to become slightly cloying. Surprisingly, instead of the battery has been programmed at a good level of diversity and dynamism, well above the average of the outputs, so some imperfections in the more fast paced or are easily overcome; clearly, and it is trivial to write, an instrumentalist in the flesh would allow further improvement.

The In My Shiver and "Delicate Poison" live on the border between the world of the extreme sounds and more accessible, a lot of tricky territory, but never expire in the banality dell'orecchiabilità at all costs and even give proof of great strength. Furthermore, the difficulty nell'etichettarli is already a symptom of a winning recipe, in addition to the tastes and personal preferences. All this leaves open a wide range of solutions for the future, but today allows to offer a pretty wide audience: those who love to contamination of black metal with shoegaze fans of Katatonia (able to endure the screaming). As long as you take the necessary time to metabolize a disc far from immediate and able to grow with the passage of audience.

Final note for lovers of digital albums: Hypnotic Dirge Records label allows for a few weeks to download freely from its catalog page Bandcamp and then decide the amount to be paid in return.

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 Released: January 17, 2014
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