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Published: July 15, 2014
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With their second album, the Marches In My Shiver , again, the metal audience with a work not easy decrypt.

Delicate Poison is in fact the ideal title for a job that comes with great aplomb and good fluidity to sound more persuasive, that go to graze the post metal, blast beats to outbursts in which, however, are never an end in themselves, while remaining firmly anchored a melodic structure carrier. 
Emerge sometimes due to certain depressive moments, obviously not what exasperated tones but its watered down version and darkeggiante and there are even passages that, instead, have a black avant-garde with melodic and atmospheric belonging to Katatonia past (as in the opener Closed View ). 

research of a constant progression within individual songs, while it should be applauded regardless, on the other hand sometimes makes the proposal too fragmented; the use of clean vocals show more than one occasion the rope, as it does not always rise to the instrumental performance. 
Better, then, when the sound becomes more direct in part, with several references to the Forgotten Tomb ( Liquid Hour ) and most cloaked in its own charming patina dark ( Into the Gray Line ) Delicate Poison is a hard amply sufficient but that might aspire to excellence if it was just more organic and more firmly oriented to the development of the brilliant ideas that are produced; a song like Empty Wealth proves emblematic regard to the attitude of the trio Marche, alternating moments really good, especially the more black-oriented, at some stage of the interim too. Same cover of Lullaby by The Cure, post closing of ' album as a bonus track in his version download, commendably differs from the original version so as not to apparirne a simple didactic reading, and in some ways is the proof of a modus compositional certainly not trivial, but that, in this specific case, seems almost excessive in its dogged pursuit of an unconventional approach. even though his versatility on display in this work, a more decisive turn in favor of a specific stylistic, preferably one from a darker tone and direct, however, could allow good In My Shiver to make the final leap.

Rating: 6.8/10
Reviewed by: Stephen Cavanna

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 Released: January 17, 2014
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