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Published: March 23, 2014
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The devil intros that lead nowhere! Let's be brief! In My Shiver me extirpated tears ... And not one. Delicate Poison comes to us from Italy, yes yes the country macaroni and mafiosi who feast on spaghetti. What a shock it was! I thought I fall on yet another group of two black francs ... And here I am back in the right direction please. 

Delicate Poison captivated from the first listen ... It seduces with a progressive black metal called shoegaze (yes as Alcest is exact crafty), tinted moods neat, but really neat! Opposites attract? Well cry " Hell fuckin 'yeah! 'full lungs because it could not be more true on this disc! In My Shiver navigates between atmosphere sometimes dark, depressed and claustrophobic and sometimes light, fresh and airy. How is this possible? Who cares, these guys are experienced chemists and science are more addictive than miraculous and Heisenberg! Everything is clear, ingenious black riffs just keep coming and where to strike, the journey proves eventful despite this feeling of fluidity. Support the transition from light to dark, the happy and sad crying smile is difficult, but far from being feasible. Alcest lovers will find not only happiness but also a new beauty and a new world. 
 production is ideal (if we exclude this snare sound for the blasts that step too much on the system), the guitars are black and tinged with a cold heat and singing is in perfect harmony with the music and atmosphere ... Claire when necessary and auction so black metal mostly. Besides this song shows its effectiveness from the first track "Closed View" to air incredibly touching piece riffs, which includes acoustic and atmospheric break causing the amazement of the audience. At first listen "False" is more snowy and icy, just like his fellow "Into The Gray Line" is THE bomb Album (tears feel better than anyone else). This tear riff, sent into our mouths from the beginning is not right, they have no right to do good god! Make people cry it amuses you? "Drain" team more rhythmic riffs while the last track (a bit heavy end) sets the nail ends and we literally ... Need I say more? 

Delicate Poison is a big surprise! A post-shoegaze black progressivo a fine quality that deserves careful listening and who receive more than one. Like Alcest but it's not quite black and powerful for you? Throw yourself as a squirrel on a basket of freshly picked hazelnuts on this beauty. Go ahead ...

Rating: 18/20 [Album of the month!]
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 Released: January 17, 2014
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Black Metal/ Depressive Rock/ Shoegaze