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Published: May 10, 2014

However the debut 'Black Seasons'(2010)didn't impress me much,as missing the lack of  diversity in the way the band described their style,as assuming the band noticed this as well.With their 2nd record there is a large differene comparing to the debut,and actually sounds more adult and professional,with the large amount of influences in the record,which makes it a record that actually never really gets bored.With this Hypnotic Dirge Records once again has another great release in their pocket,breaking through in name as a high respected label in the Underground scene.

What we can find back in the tracks are the diversity in styles such as Black Metal/Shoegaze/Depressive Rock all in all combined perfectly,and filled with necessary emotions.The album actually rocks,and the drumwork is just fabulous,going along with the rhythm filled up with some really groovy elements,clean (sometimes hypnotizing)vocals in the syle of Agalloch fo example,and some really atmospheric guitarwork.You really can notice these Italians really paid good attention to the details.You even can hear back som hints like for example the band Forgotten Tomb.

After 'Closed View' and starting with 'False'i am sitting on the point on my chair 'cause of the excitement.They are doing a really good job keeping you by the attention,and without losing it,they grab you by the attention and take you through the album,full of anguish,despair,and honesty.Once again i have to point out that the guitarwork has been changed to something more adult and diverse,and really have thought of the details this time.Hopefully the fans don't have to wait for another 4 year for a new album to appear,on the other hand maybe for the better,and release another brilliant record like this one.Another highlight is a duet between   clean and Black Metal vocals.What also really nice to hear is the use of the guitaramps here and there,and the use of some tones that really fills up rest of the music.

On track four 'Into the Gray line' on the album reaches some really great highlights,and therefore my most personal favorite one.Every detail is worked away in it.Blastbeats,depressive rock,as some really brilliant power chords worked away in some part of the song,versus slow melodic lines combined with some excellent special effects that  really takes you off track for a while in a dreamy atmosphere.

The production is more than good,and every single instrument can be followed perfectly.Tight drumwork,solid basslines,excellent guitarwork,and fabulous vocals,which seems they also worked 'til the details on.The record simply rocks,and well forth the effort checking this band out.Simply a record of high quality.

Not sure what to expect from them in the near future,but seems it looks bright.If you purchase this record,you can go ahead in music for many many years,without getting bored of the album.

Rating: 98/100
Reviewed by: D./MRP

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 Released: January 17, 2014
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Black Metal/ Depressive Rock/ Shoegaze