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Published: September 21, 2014
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The seal Hyptonic Dirge Records makes us their most recent editions among which is this "Delicate Poison" , 2nd work of Italian IN MY SHIVER , a band that did not know at all but has left a good impression after hearing this album, consisting of 6 songs where the band has created a musical hybrid of black metal depressive and avantgarde more modern cut and where we can hear a good combination of excellent quite worked melodies and aggressive parts marked by times somewhat faster and that Black metal smack in the melodies and rhythmic enough sugarcane crushing and base. In the same way as with the instrumental symbiosis, so with voice registers, as the band, according to their music makes use of various vocal registers along all the work, using the most ripped and aggressive parts in the sugar while in the moments where his music takes those more experimental or depressive dyes lean towards clean records or other more melancholic court. We are in a job that when I hear it, brings to mind musically to bands like Katatonia, Ulver, Solefald, ... and all that cast of bands who combine masterfully a foundation Black metal with a more modern sound but Depressed court and jointly create the feeling of despair and melancholy that grabs you and invades from the first cut to the last.

Rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: David Déniz Square

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 Released: January 17, 2014
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Black Metal/ Depressive Rock/ Shoegaze