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Published: March 10, 2014
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Who said that only abroad also are able to make good shoegaze? The In My Shiver, a group of Camerino that comes with this "Delicate Poison" on the second full-length album, is the demonstration that certain kinds of music are not necessarily confined to a particular geographical connotation.

In fact, the kind played by these guys Marche is not really quite how to label shoegaze. We had a term coined on the occasion of their debut album with "Black Seasons", ie black'n'rock (not roll, attention). It seemed the best way to define the union of black elements, such as the use of voice, certain subjects, acceleration and bursts of violence, with some characteristics of the rock, not including the rhythm, but the melody. 

Compared the onset we would like to confirm that definition, because the sound of In My Shiver has not been radically transformed. If anything, while maintaining unchanged the main ingredients, we can say that in the process of songwriting has chosen to change a bit 'proportions. The result is an album that sounds more black than the previous, more violent and aggressive, without forgetting the most thoughtful, calm and melodic that I am one of the main characteristics of the group. 

Years of experience also makes itself felt in compositions more balanced, fail to capture the attention of even the most casual listener or distracted. A better mix, then, between the search for the atmosphere and the mere catchiness and usability. Clearly, for some, this simple fact could be interpreted as a betrayal of the spirit of the band and as a "sellout" to a more commercial sound. In fact the choice of In My Shiver is probably the right one, because it manages to combine what is the original sound of the band, with the need to reach a wider audience on which to lay hold. Ben is, therefore, some small concession to the market, if the product is on this level. 

Few criticicisms, however, it is a duty with respect to the battery. The effect is improved a lot compared to "Black Seasons", appearing much more natural and human, but we are still far from perfect. In some passages, in fact, for sound and rhythm, it becomes evident that this is a drum machine and not the work of a real instrument with a musician behind the skins. In general, we believe it is clear that the sound and the musical style of the band it would be highly beneficial if it could rely on a drummer in the flesh.

Finally, "Delicate Poison", the second album In My Shiver, is a welcome confirmation of the path taken by the group of Camerino and the quality of the musicians. The sound has not changed much, but the experience is felt in more catchy songs and better structured, more balanced in terms of mere usability, squeezing a little 'more eye towards the more classic black. A recommended purchase for fans of the band, but also to those who love shoegaze brand Alps, they might find that you do not need to cross the mountains to find something that deserves to be heard.

Rating: 68/100
Reviewed by: Alex "Engash-Krul" Calvi

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 Released: January 17, 2014
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