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Published: April 22, 2014
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Comes from Italy In My Shiver, a trio that debuted in 2010 with the disc titled Black Seasons which was limited to the market via a Korean label. Early this year, the sequel came out, presented as experimental shoegaze black metal.

The black metal is fairly fundamental to the base of Delicate Poison . Sometimes messy sounding, yet often propelled by old-fashioned black metal rhythms, especially from the drum unit. The numbers are relatively long which is unfortunately what is lacking in variety. The shoegaze elements where the band is talking about, I also heard elsewhere better. It seems like In My Shiver music that wants to actually not quite mastered. Especially in the song Into The Gray Line seems to play given.

In terms of end product is a bit of a gray mass, suspended between plain black metal influences and experimental twist that gives the trio it. The groove of the songs is listening to the album, however, relatively boring. Many of the same matter, no real highlights and experiment is reasonable correctly referring. There is often talk about bands like Amorphis and Katatonia as comparative bands to new fans of In My Shiver attract them to do these Italians may be considered to be not nearly the same level.

Rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Martijn Korremans

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 Released: January 17, 2014
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Black Metal/ Depressive Rock/ Shoegaze