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Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, January 5, 2020 Under: English
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Published: January 5, 2020

Creating a concept is one thing but making that concept come to life is another. Can the listener understand and be immersed in what the band/artist is trying to get across? Kassad’s creation, London Orbital has an incredible concept and across five unique but equally story telling tracks, it shines through. Like a ray of sunshine desperately trying to break through the darkness of the world.

Deliciously cold, delectably dark, divinely twisted, this is an album of bleak blackness that haunts the memory long after it has ended. Hopelessness is what Kassad creates on London Orbital, a constant feeling of never ending gloom and unhappiness. Any moments of light and levity just highlight the immense hail of darkness. This is an album where the word immersive is not just a good word to describe the album but rather the state of mind that most will have while listening to it.

Musically, London Orbital is a post black metal album, one that delivers the melodic beauties one expects from post-style music. As well as the savagery often associated with the heavier side of things. Vocals are few and far between, when they do crop up they are background and howl like the wind. Everything over-powering them but it working perfectly, the depressive melodies and fiery drums often doing all the work.

It’s an exciting and intriguing listen, one where the horrid dystopian future it implies feels all too real.

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed by: Carl 'The Disc' Fisher

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 Released: January 10, 2020
Genre:: Urban Black Metal / Post-Metal