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Laho - the second album from the Melancholic and Atmospheric Black Metal project from Finland "Kval" (Anguish in English) is now officially released!

The album is available as a 6 panel digipack featuring the amazing artwork from Moonroot Art in all its glory. 

Additionally, a Laho bundle is also being offered, including a shirt with the new Kval sigil, a circular woven patch with this same sigil, a button of the album art, an all-weather sticker with the Kval logo, and a signed postcard featuring more artwork from the Laho album. The new Kval shirt is also available to order separately as is an option with both Kval full-length albums together.

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If you prefer digital, "Laho" is streaming in full on Bandcamp, Youtube, Spotify, etc. and is available - as always with our releases - for free / "name-your-price" digital download in the format of your choosing through our Bandcamp page. 

Thank you very much for all your support throughout these very busy past few weeks. All pending orders should be mailed out by this coming Monday at the latest! 

As you may have inferred from seeing no new release announcements lately, this will be our last release until the fall. The summer is always a bit quieter in terms of releases so we will use the next couple of months to organize and prepare for what is next. In the meantime though, Enjoy Laho!

Album notes:
Two summers ago, Finnish Black Metal project Kval released their debut self-titled album, an album which was originally released under the moniker Khaossos in 2015. Kval has spent the past few months writing and refining the tracks for their follow-up release, entitled Laho, the first album to be written for Kval from the start. 

Compared to the previous album, Laho ("Rotten" in English) has a brighter and more colorful atmosphere musically while the lyrical themes on Laho references the decay and rot of the forest floor, applied as a metaphor for the human mind. Our inability to live in the moment, the loss of innocence, and the ever-present corrosion of our optimism and descent into cynicism encompass the themes of Laho, wrapped in captivating and entrancing Atmospheric Black Metal. 

As with the previous self-titled album, fitting and imaginative hand-drawn cover art was crafted by Moonroot Art. Laho will be presented as a 6 panel digipack and released on Hypnotic Dirge Records on May 23, 2019.

"This is engrossing, utterly absorbing atmospheric black metal that has moved beyond the confines of its original birthing grounds, and now operates in increasingly rarefied territories. Laho fulfills all of the promise shown previously by Kval, and produces an album that is emotive and captivating."
-Wonderbox Metal

"Dedicated to forest floor decay as an allegory for brain-rot, Laho is ceaseless in its persistence and beautiful in its grimness. Kval has been simultaneously delicate and existentially unstoppable with this release, offering extended moments of gentle reprieve from the black metal onslaught to pad the album’s dynamics. This is an album of many dualities — slow/fast, big/small, hard/soft — and exploring each one through its atmospheric lens results in joyous but devastating listens."
-Invisible Oranges

"Laho is a work of utmost beauty and conviction, and coupled with their debut album, is sure to establish Kval as a major name within the genre."
-Astral Noize

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