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Published: April 27, 2013
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Then Hypnotic Dirge Records again sent us a couple of albums to review, and then you never know quite what to expect. We know, however, that usually is music that requires some time to familiarize themselves in.

Lycanthia is from Australia and plays doom metal. It is not a new band, actually they have been around since 1997, but the "oligarchy" is still only their second album. My inspirations include downloaded from bands like Draconian and My Dying Bride. They are obviously good with melancholy in their universe, but also a more melodic side that leans slightly towards it a little easier popular. It provides a good and effective potion.

As with the models of My Dying Bride, there are also plenty of violin to find in Lycanthia. It carries a great deal of expression and together with the classic combination of female vocals and growls, "beauty and the beast" effect creates the band a great atmosphere. Keyboard, heavy guitar and a solid rhythm section belongs fact relates to, and even though the entire package may not be particularly original, it's now really complete the "oligarchy" and has repeatedly given me goose bumps along the way.

Numbers like. 'Forgone', 'Ablaze the Weel Turns',' Time Feeds This World ',' Despondency In Crescendo 'and' From Ancestral Lands' is a hit, and you can only pay tribute to Australians' sense of genre and what works. As a rule, when we're talking doom metal, the songs often reasonably long and there is also a couple of tracks on the album that is both nine and ten minutes. but otherwise, the average time of about six minutes per. song.

"Oligarchy" is still growing every time you listen, and I must admit that I have fallen quite sharply for the album. Now it's just interesting to see if it can go the distance or it will be one of the albums you hear a lot in a while, but then suddenly forgot all about.

I can currently. only recommend to all fans of traditional "beauty and the beast" doom metal check this release out. Do not expect anything original, but just a damn good well-written album that definitely deserves a place on the shelf at home beside the Draconian and Theatre of Tragedy.

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