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Published: August 1, 2014
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Every now and then from Australia comes out some reality Gothic Metal able to emerge from mediocrity, but in this case you have to say and point out how the Lycanthia are not exactly the newcomer, the first demo in fact dates back to 1997, while the onset through full-length came just two years later (enough already these few details to figure out what we're going to be faced today). But after Myriad now is the "silent" for years and years (interrupted only by an EP in 2006) until reaching the current Oligarchy , first as self-production (in 2012), then finally backed worthily from Hypnotic Dirge Records , the label certainly could not let him perish in brackish water too long, so, once again, the operation "look around" is back in all functional.

I Lycanthia Gothic Doom sound old-fashioned, clearly inspired by the first chapter Tristania (do not even need to mention it) we pack a disc from the romantic flavor and deep, matter that every fan of the genre will absolutely not be missed. The name Megan Tassaker among the many things to say little, but I'm also sure that someone will remember the Avrigus and all the good stuff they have produced in their career (purchase even more obliged if you know the monicker in question).

The demonstration of devotion to a genre more and more into disuse is contained in the first The Essential Components of Misery , the most beautiful song on the album according to my taste, tongued voice of belonging "divine," he abrasive, her ethereal and dramatic , to tie things are pompous keyboards and piano parts are able to reconfirm all in a seductive imagery and slow motion (not to mention the end of the piece, where a gentle "rocking" drag until the last second). With forgone it falls even more in the field Widow's Weeds (that's there, I could not resist, I've mentioned), the violins stand out and open roads in all their prickly beauty, the remainder of the paste on him with safety and the commitment not go lost (the "caw" masculine here offers his personal quote). 
's power Oligarchy is to demonstrate again that "hunger" typical of a band in the early stages, you immediately feel a certain roughness, the do not want to compromise in some way to make themselves more attractive. Everything is gorgeous and complacent, but underneath there is always a "negative cash flow" as authentic and the primary force, be gloomy, melancholy and damned, this is what most of all press them, and what you hear out several times along the duration of each song. To make it even darker the result we think a production "nebula" and arcane, able to emphasize first of the two voices, then, the union and the combination of these with the rest of the instruments (in particular I really like the sound of guitars, to hover there anyway that of a "confusing", this thing will be able to ward off allergic to imperfections).

Ablaze the Wheel Turns buy points thanks to its crescendo punctuated rhythm while Despondency in Crescendo before, and Time Feeds These Wounds then, think to reject the mood rhythms of liturgical / tragic and "devoid of any sense of time" (the latter is so much " painful "as superbly interpreted.) Hair of the Beast puts violins there, patients in various plots, and it does not take long to realize how much class to be equipped with these fluctuating insertions, From Ancestral Lands instead held for closing some of the best vocals of the disc (the " now i wonder, and i wander "remains stationary them to resonate in my head for a long time).

Oligarchy is not a good way to come back after all these years, is a great way to do this, some small break (or rather lost, but nothing highly disturbing) prevents me from just-for, very poco- to increase the rating of those levels that many times the music touches, but if they continue to work in this way, problems-in future- there will not be at all. Avercene discs like this in every case.

Reviewed by: Duke "Selfish" Fog
Rating: 70/100

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