Review from Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 5

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From: Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 5
Published: November 2013

Canadian record label “Hypnotic Dirge Records” keeps on sending us their production and trying to fit the frames of “Forgotten Path”. With a quick look over all their releases they pay most attention to second-rate BM projects and much more interesting Doom Metal genre bands, in my opinion. Although the majority of them lack creativity or some other traits to make momentary impressions of admiration, like during their time bands like Majestic Downfall, Mar de Grises and Mourners Lament managed to do. However I should mention that most of these Doom’ers presented by the Canadians are highly skilled. Lycanthia, one of many Australian bands, is no exception to them.

It’s no surprise that the band’s songs leave a good impression - the band musicians are past or present members of projects such as Stone Wings, Elysium, Bleakwood and Subterranean Disposition who have gathered much of their experience from the stage. On its second album the band offers a dose of Gothic/Doom Metal with female vocals. The latter, of course, is mixed with the male growl. Besides, the sounds of violins provide some kind of Folk spice. For that aspect the band reminds me of their country fellows Chalice, who used this instrument quite often. However Lycanthia’s music is not like any of the mentioned bands - to me they sound boring, lacking drive and aren’t exceptional. This applies to the album as well - everything looks good, but it leaves little impression. Maybe the mistake is the rhythmic structures, maybe some other things. All in all, the disc lacks dynamics, as paradoxical as it may sound if we are talking about Doom Metal...

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Odium

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