Review from Legacy Magazine; Issue #85

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From: Legacy Magazine; Issue #85
Published: June 2013
*Google translation of German review

In Australia, the time has stopped. At least for the active band since 1996, Lycanthia. Which has indeed left 14 years time for their second album, but it sounds to the typical Gothic Doom the Nineties, with the Theatre Of Tragedy, Tristania or My Dying Bride have grown. The long compositions are thus two voices intoned, the grunts of Lee Tassaker but is quite flashy, while two ladies with their angelic voices provide the antidote. There are also sounds of the violin, piano and strings from the keyboard bombast. The mastering of "Oligarchy" was indeed taken over by Jens Bogren, but probably could only operate damage control, because while singing and violins be a key priority, the guitars are quite soft and mushy mixed, so that you will notice here a few details. On the other hand, it seems there is not much to miss, because over long distances, the music is pretty unspectacular and get monotonous. It lasts until the seventh of eight songs, until you really aufhorcht times, because the oriental touch in the guitars lifts 'Lair Of The Beast' out. Until then, what you hear is indeed quite acceptable, but without a hint of something special, especially since something nasty men singing in the long run seems a bit strenuous in comparison to the music. Overall, "Oligarchy" so only a very nice listening to trip into the past.

Rating: 7/15
Reviewed by: ASZ

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