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Published: August 30, 2013
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The Australians Lycanthia from Sydney arrive at their second album Gothic Doom metal composition after a hiatus that lasted 14 years, and released by Hypnotic Dirge Records. 
7 tracks The most interlude of Lycanthia show us a Gothic Doom Metal often shady, disinclined to be over the top, not particularly dynamic (rarely the trend or the feeling of a song vary noticeably), and also very smooth and quite devoid of the harshness that I prefer in this genre. You get a disk formally beautiful, characterized by having an excellent composition of the disc brackets, ranging from "forgone" to "Despondency ..." included. It is precisely here that the Lycanthia can enhance their songwriting thanks to the most dynamic and fresh ideas, like good restart in mid tempo of "forgone" and the violin solo final, along with the pleasant arrangements of "Ablaze the wheel turns "or touch the darkest of" Despondency ... ", all to form a disk pleasant and more easily recommended to fans of the genre. 

Actually, however, there are some flaws that make this disc, as implied above, a little 'less successful and plagued by certain limitations. In fact, as mentioned before, despite the success of formal, it is difficult to indicate the peaks compositional details, or the net change between song and song, and often you have the feeling that on the whole the album does not dare much, which does not make the 'bad album, but not among the best of the year in this genre. A cd therefore not entirely perfect and even a bit 'cumbersome, but enjoyable and well done. Let's just hope for the next record does not serve other 14 years ...

Rating: 72/100

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Released: April 7, 2013
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Gothic Death-Doom Metal