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May 19, 2013
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As already the case with reviews on the little-known band is, probably it would be appropriate to start with what's actually going to be playing for style and some sauce on the history of the group. But do not be fooled, though, I said that Lycanthia is a famous group, certainly not some puppies, because these Aussies have pulled my cart since 1996, although the current "oligarch" is only their second long-playing album. What style classification is concerned, in this case it will be relatively easy, because in the first few minutes of the first listening audience quickly comes to like the strings that Lycanthia play ...

Trivial told Lycanthia are simply doom / death metal devadesátkového cut in a very pure version, as if a band has remained since its inception conserved in time and refused to move anywhere. On the one hand, maybe anything new, someone might say to a cliché, but must leave the band, that despite the "oligarchs" his spell at least music fans alike will be pleased. Lycanthia not invent anything big and easy to scrub as it played in front of some 15-20 years ago - slow, emotional, pensive. Group exemplary directly transferred from heavy doom riffs with melancholic moments, there is alternation of death metal growls with pure angelic voice of singer, do not stay behind the keyboard surface and even the violin. Everything is in place, the results can be pleasing genre recording.

Given what has been said above, some of many of you at the first good attacking bands that could music Lycanthia remind - which is not meant for worse, just doom metal variety is generally somewhat conservative, making a person goes through without any problems, if not sharpened the original, just as already invented and built the procedures skillfully picks up a bit when I can work with well-established genre procedures when he plays doom metal, as they say, from the heart. All this Lycanthia meet quite easily, which is pleasing. But now we have the most influence ... I'll be damned if anyone among you who should be attacked My Dying Bride - and now it comes to hit home, since at least the moments when you will hear the violin, or if markedly talk key, but also when Lycanthia put a little tougher passage roaring main character Lee Tassakera (and to be recognized that this guy is really lean into the microphone can), is a hint of British veterans feel quite right. Personally, however, the music Lycanthia a little more I hear of such a branch of gothic doom metal domination, which should present an early achievements Norwegians Theatre of Tragedy , in other passages, I again remembered the Draconian (which is certainly no surprise, since the very Draconian to the Theatre of Tragedy very close). As the bead, I can also say that certain moments gave me remember to earlier achievements Galadriel from Slovakia. Nothing in the foregoing but I would not say that Lycanthia only collect what where worn thin by other bands, simply use similar means of expression, which is certainly to some extent connected with the aforementioned conservatism of doom metal. Their music - resp. at least a minimum of what is 'oligarchs' terms - but could stand for itself enough to make a listener who is no stranger to the above-mentioned groups, could adopt.

If we talk about specific songs centerpiece plate seems to be the longest "Despondency in Crescendo" , to which I personally took one of the most perfect keyboard theme that during the ten-minute footage mercifully hear only once. Great is also the final half-minute, in which Lycanthia whole song could very well vygradovat until it is unfortunate that this passage is longer. Finally, I quite like the third "Forgone" , in which they receive a larger space violin and I must say that it suits the song. But if I had to choose one of my favorite piece, I would ultimately raised his hand for the penultimate "Hair of the Beast" , in which it seems to me that breathes a little different mood from the rest of the record, which I liked.

The overall result of "oligarch" does not bring anything previously unheard, but still very pleasant to listen to, I can have fun, and as already mentioned, fans of the genre, this could music Lycanthia put quite a bit. In the light I dare say that if doom metal within the above-mentioned groups, listening to the "oligarchs" certainly do not lose anything and you might be surprised how it grabs you ...

Rating: 7/10
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