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Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, July 18, 2013 Under: Album Reviews
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Published: July 13, 2013
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There are so many sub-genres and offshoots of metal these days I tend to stick to the few I know and rarely stray from my happy place. With that said, every once and awhile a band will come along that appeals to me and I feel I need to learn more.

Lycanthia from Australia recently grabbed my interest and for me to put them in a sub-genre of metal would sound something like this: “Neo-classical fusion of doom/death, layered with keyboards and violins” or I could simply call it “Cluster Metal.”

If this is coming across as negative let me be the first to apologize. The fact is Lycanthia works. All of the above elements I described come together to create a metal harmony that is dark and mysterious, yet fascinating and breath taking. I have had the opportunity to listen to their latest album “Oligarchy” and I have to say it keeps you guessing as to what is coming next while you often get lost in the brilliance of the bands musicianship.

The drummer Andrew Craig needs a special shout out because he is holding all of these different elements together while at the same time keeping Lycanthia in the realm of metal. The drums allow a blood soaked riff to be pierced by the wail of a violin and not once do you feel Lycanthia has strayed from the metal path.

The band has a very gothic look and on the first initial listen you may feel this is what they represent, but let me assure you this is a group of very talented musicians that are forging their own path. They have actually been invading the Australian underground since the late 90s, and have quite a following from what I can understand. Unfortunately people and even some bands only recognize success when they have conquered the North American market. Can Lycanthia accomplish this? Most certainly!

The secret to their imminent success is actually quite simple. Bring the doom and gloom over to America and show people that fringe metal deserves a place at the table. If any band can pull it off I have to believe the “cluster metal” of Lycanthia can.

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Released: April 7, 2013
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