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Review from Angry Metal Guy

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, October 17, 2019, In : English 
From: Angry Metal Guy
Published: October 14, 2019

I normally dislike interludes intensely – the recent, very good Tool album,1 for example, I recreated as a playlist minus the four interludes because they annoyed the crap out of me. So an album called Interlude, with three tracks actually titled “Interlude,” plus an “Introduction” and final track “The End,” put me somewhat on edge. Despite having really liked the advance tracks for Maeskyyrn’s Interlude, I was expec...

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Review from Broken Tomb Magazine

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, October 17, 2019, In : Spanish 
From: Broken Tomb Magazine
Published: October 7, 2019

Maeskyyrn es una banda de Black Metal formada en Montreal, Canadá, en el año 2017. Tras lanzar una demo el pasado año 2018, el próximo 17 de octubre editarán su primer álbum de larga duración, titulado “Interlude”, a través del sello Hypnotic Dirge Records

La formación de Maeskyyrn se conforma por Harslingoth, The Overseer (voz), Saemyaza, The Last Eye (guitarra principal), Noctis, The Veil of Night (guitarra rítmic...

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 Released:  October 17, 2019
Genre:: Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal