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Review from Third Eye Cinema

Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, November 15, 2020, In : English 
From: Third Eye Cinema
Published: November 13, 2020

Marche Funèbre – Einderlicht (Hypnotic Dirge Records) (September 25)

Empyrium‘s Markus Stock produces this gloomy gothic doom/death act out of Belgium.

With Stock at the helm, you know it’s going to sound impeccable…well, at least on the cleaner toned bits, of which there are many. I guess he’s unused to distorted tones nowadays, given how little they’re emphasized in his own band and those he produces like Alcest, whic...

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Review from Greek Rebels

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, November 2, 2020, In : Greek 
From: Greek Rebels
Published: October 31, 2020

Οι αγαπημένοι (μου) Marche Funèbre επιστρέφουν εντυπωσιακά και αυτή τη φορά, με την κυκλοφορία του τέταρτου ολοκληρωμένου δίσκου τους, “Einderlicht”. Το συγκρότημα δημιουργήθηκε το 2008 επί βελγικού εδάφους και από τότε σκορπίζει το death/doom σκοτάδι του μ...

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Review from Ave Noctum

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, November 2, 2020, In : English 
From: Ave Noctum
Published: October 29, 2020

This is the fourth album by this Belgian quintet, whose name seems awfully familiar, but for some reason they are new to me. Formed 12 years ago, they released their first album in 2011 with the last one released in 2017. The material in this album was written between 2016 and 2019 and the title track is their first with lyrics written in Dutch. The current line-up has recorded their last three albums together, so they are a pretty tight...

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Review from Metal Heads Forever Magazine

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, November 2, 2020, In : English 
From: Metal Heads Forever Magazine
Published: October 28, 2020

Marche Funèbre are a band which have demonstrated, particularly over their last two albums that they are capable of writing world class death-doom. This year has the Belgians returning to finally follow up ‘Into the Arms of Darkness’ their excellent 2017 album with their long awaited fourth album ‘Einderlicht’.

This has been an album which has been a slow process, but one worth the time and effort as what Marche...

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 Released: September 25, 2020
Genre: Death-Doom Metal