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Review from Metallifer Blog

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, October 19, 2017, In : French 
From: Metallifer Blog
Published: October 18, 2017
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Mavradoxa est un duo américain fondé en 2015 et adepte du black metal atmosphérique. Aux manettes on trouve le chanteur / guitariste Nival qui était aussi bassiste dans d'autres groupes comme Malformed, Ancalagon, The Highest Leviathan. dans ces groupes Nival était bassiste et par moments aussi chanteur. suite à une certaine lassitude comme bassiste et en vue de développer pleinement son inspiration, Nival a trouvé dans le b...

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Review from Infernal Masquerade Webzine

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, In : English 
From: Infernal Masquerade Webzine
Published: October 17, 2017

With Agalloch disbanding recently, it is time for a new band to take the throne to the best Atmospheric Black Metal outfit in the USA. With “Lethean Lament”, Mavradoxa makes their case to the throne. Unleashing over 60 minutes of highly engaging and intricate music, this release showcases the band’s creativity while unleashing very melodic and powerful songs.

Opening with the Empyrium-esque “Cicadan” acoustic gu...

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 Released: June 22, 2017
300 Copies
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal