Review from Wonderbox Metal

April 29, 2019
From: Wonderbox Metal
Published: April 28, 2019 

Mavradoxa are an atmospheric black metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Afer enjoying 2017’s memorable Lethean Lament, Mavradoxa have now returned with a shorter album, (43 minutes vs its predecessor’s 62 minutes), that sees them focused, lean, and firing on all cylinders.

Expressive and atmospheric, as well as taking on an increased progressive feel in places, Nightmarrow is a highly melodic and emotive listen. Some of the leads hark back to classic metal, which is a nice touch in a style that frequently eschews anything like this. The amount of duelling guitars on Nightmarrow is above and beyond what you would expect, and I can’t help but really like it.

The music has an organic, earthy feel to it that’s raw and almost feels improvised in places. It isn’t of course, but there’s a looseness to the music, (in a positive way), that sounds natural and unforced, almost as if the songs have coalesced of their own free will rather than being written and consciously constructed.

Nightmarrow is a textured release as the band know when to inject lighter, introspective moments, as well as a touch of folk here and there. Additionally, the progressive elements allow the band a freer hand to explore different avenues over the songs, and each track here has something of its own to offer the listener. Depth and nuance are included as part of the songwriting quite naturally, and no matter how harsh the music becomes, there’s always something a bit more going on than sheer aggression just for the sake of it.

It’s great to hear Mavradoxa continue to develop their own sound on Nightmarrow and once more progress down the lesser-trodden path towards individuality. The band are sounding more and more like themselves, and in a crowded black metal scene that’s no easy feat to achieve.

Nightmarrow is a very strong follow up to a very strong second album. Very highly recommended for anyone with a taste for black metal with real personality and character.


Review from Musipedia of Metal

April 26, 2019
From: Musipedia of Metal
Published: April 25, 2019

Mavradoxa are a four piece based in New York. The band have been together since 2016 and have so far released 2 albums before Nightmarrow; 2016’s Sojourners and 2017’s Lethean Lament. The band play a mix of Atmospheric Black Metal and Post Black Metal. Lyrically the album focuses on Isolation and hopelessness of urban dystopias; it juxtaposes the purity of nature with the poison of urbanity. The album highlights humanities head...

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Review from Chama do Metal

April 14, 2019
From: Chama Do Metal
Published: April 10, 2019

Formada em 2016 em Nova Iorque, EUA, Mavradoxa apresenta o ouvinte um característico Atmospheric Black Metal. Possuindo três álbuns na bagagem, sento “Sojourners” em 2016, “Lethean Lament” de 2017, e este que será comentado, deste mesmo ano.

Fazendo jus ao subgênero, Mavradoxa não falha com o que promete, trazendo imersão em uma atmosfera dramática, solitária as vezes e reflexiva, pode se assim dizer, trazendo elementos...

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Review from Welcome to the Metal

April 8, 2019
From: Welcome to the Metal
Published: April 8, 2019

Mavradoxa are a band we’ve truly championed since day one. Their third album Nightmarrow is set to be released May 2, 2019 on Hypnotic Dirge Records. It was recorded by Nicholas Alan of Subterranean Studios in Rochester, a real up and comer in that scene. Nicholas has been recording most of the metal that’s been pouring out of Rochester these last few years and it’s great to see that the well is hardly running dry for him.


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 Released:  May 2, 2019
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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal