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Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, October 17, 2019 Under: English
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Published: October 14, 2019

Unleashing one of the most unique and unexpectedly awesome releases of 2019, today we have Canada’s Nachtterror with their debut release “Judgement”. Clocking in at over 60 minutes of music, this release has a bit of everything for everybody, from heavy riffs and fast-paced sections to more atmospheric and melancholic passages. As the band’s first full length release, it shows a unique trajectory path between different styles and influences through the tracks presented in this release.

Setting a very dreamy and mellow vibe when starting with “Behold the Terror”, we have a certain Pyogenesis/Decoryah vibe. This track slowly builds up to blistering drumming and harsh vocals, marking a very interesting and yet drastic transition. Settling into an older retro Gothic Metal-ish style with “Sea of Dread”, the band again exploits their multi-vocalist approach and delivers a very harmonious track with excellent distorted guitars and tempo changes.

The madness continues with the highly chaotic “To Beckon the Weak”, a track filled with punishing guitars, harsh vocals, showcasing the band’s heavier and more Black Metal side. However, as all tracks, this song still manages to create brilliant contrasts with lush clean vocals and very epic slowe sections. Our favorite track is the tour de force “Beneath the Crimson Moon”, a song in which the band showcases all their unique styles intricately mixed together in one monumental track.

For those looking for symphonic Black Metal-styled tracks, “A Forest At Night” has a playful and chilling edge to it. As we prefer the dreamier and more complex side of the band, “The Beauty of the Withering Flower” is another stand out track, reminding us of a more dynamic version of the band Thorns of the Carrion. The band’s ability to deliver complex and yet engaging tracks with tons of different layers and little intricate details to discover is very impressive as the album title track demonstrates.

Closing with the doomier “Upon Ashen Shores”, the band has managed to produce one of the most unique and multi-faceted albums of 2019. For over an hour, Nachtterror showcases their ability to craft intricate songs with tons of different elements cohesively put together. It is hard to pin down the band’s style, but we have to say that are elements from everybody from Dimmu Borgir to Decoryah. If you like powerful releases that push the boundaries of known genres and deliver an amalgamation of styles, we sure to not miss out on “Judgement”.

Rating: 94/100
Reviewed by: Dark Emperor

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 Released:  October 10, 2019
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