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Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 Under: English
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Published: November 11, 2019

From the capitol of Saskatchewan, Regina, Canada, NACHTTERROR hails with some melodic sounding death metal. Following two EP’s and a Split release, "Judgement" is their first full length album released October 10, 2019. And what an album it is! Called “experimental metal” by some and self labelled as blackened doom metal. I think this album is hard to slap one specific genre label onto it as there is several different styles combined in this eargasm. It is worth mentioning that the album art for "Judgement" is off the hook. Each song has a corresponding painting done by Lord Maelkleth, as well as each song is poetically written.

"Sea of Dread" “As the night begins, As the storm rages within, He suffers from inside, For he had seen it all, And he will surely fall” With a soft start, slow guitar melody, we roll right into this fantastical track. Sung with a mix of soft and harder lyrics, it starts out with slower vocals. But it very carries its magical theme so well. This is a song about love betrayed and the pain associated with it. About halfway into the song the vocals get much harder, with a sound that reminds me a little of old school Dani Filth vocals. "To Beckon the Weak" – Keyboards by Horhd lead the way into this song. Rhetorical lyrics, stoically sung. This song is metal at its most lovely. While it has such poignant connotations, it still boasts some classical metal sounds throughout.

"Beneath the Crimson Moon" – Complete with all the different styles each band member brings in this lineup, again the lyrics stand out. They remind me of a poem I would read in my favorite old poem book. Gothically dark, yet set to the glorious sound of metal. “I still recall the moment we met, When the night was silent and cold, Glorious darkness bore the sweet, pale, That in my arms I would hold”.  "The Beauty of the Witherinng Flower" is the best track on the album in my opinion, hands down! “When I close my eyes, And I can see you there my bride, As we walk the autumn days, And the nightfall the stars above we’d gaze”. These lyrics make my heart ache. Definitely an emotional trip, and then you add its soft guitar riffs to those amazing voices, this song is epic.

In conclusion, run, do not walk… run over to youtube or bandcamp and listen! I just fell in love with metal all over again thanks to these guys. Take my heart, take it! I will forever-more be a fan of NACHTTERROR. “Nachtterror” a made-up term whose intent was to find a foreign way to say ‘night terror’ and is the fear of what comes in the night. Thank you to the band for the amazing pieces of art, musical, lyrical, and painted. Everything about this album rocks. Pretty sure I’m going to use its album art as a background on my phone and brag that I got the digital download from the band itself, yes, I liked THAT much! Carry on with the awesomeness. Thank you NACHTTERROR, truly.

Rating: 10/10
Reviewed by: Laura Glover

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 Released:  October 10, 2019
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal