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Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, September 18, 2016 Under: English
Published: September 14, 2016

Eight songs fill this album, which has been released by Hypnotic Dirge Records and BadMoodMan Music. Negative Voice are from Moscow and somehow they incorporate Doom, Progressive Metal, Post-Metal, Death Metal, and Black Metal within this medley. From the very first song, ‘Limitation’, it's a musical dive into melodies, changing tempos and great creativity.

The band have not really labelled themselves to any genre or style and have left room so that they can be adventurous and it really shows in each song. The vocals sway from clean to guttural with the added blackened screams to accompany them from the very start. It's a welcome change to listen to a band where you really do not know what direction they are going in, and each song is full of surprises.

Evgeny Loginov and Andrew Samsonov provide some superb guitar melodies, whether it's rhythm or lead. They really push the boundaries and grace us with beautiful acoustic passages especially in ‘City of Decaying Gaze’.

‘Nightmare Everlasting’ starts majestically and builds to a faster pace. The bass cuts through and it's really worth it when you have musicians this good to explore each instrument when going back over the songs. It's open and filled with space for you to have an adventurous mindset.

‘Instant’ is one of my favourite tracks. It has some amazing breaks and the quiet part in the middle is melodic and builds beautifully. Production-wise it's a winner for me. Guitars are superbly recorded with the right amount of tone and distortion. The drums are fantastic and bring out the quality on display even more. 'Impasse' is yet another great display, and very reminiscent of Daylight Dies. The opening riff of ‘Lighthouse’ reminds of something that Rage Against the Machine could do, before the next section floats into an almost Opeth style with clean vocals.

This has been a great listen for me. Another band to really look forward to in the future. 'Cold Redrafted' will grab fans' attention because it spans so many genres and styles. 

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed by: Riccardo Veronese

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Tags: negative voice  blackened doom metal  melodic doom metal  katatonia  october tide  daylight dies 

 Released: April 11, 2016
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Genre: Blackened Melodic Doom Metal