Review from Legacy Magazine; Issue #85

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From: Legacy Magazine; Issue #85
Published: June 2013
*Google translation of German review

Undoubtedly, Katatonia have with their distinctive mid-90ies sound inspired and influenced countless bands. While some influences are processed subtly, others provide turn off almost perfect "Black breaks". Nethermost are measured at their debut mini-rather to the latter category. "Alpha" is the work of three Texans who have the melodic Death Doom prescribed and shine through bluntly that they were in their musical hearts actually prefer Sweden. Anyway, they made ​​sufficiently long ears to catch the sound of Dire Scandinavia and internalize. In particular, guitarist Cinthya Rocha has looked exactly finger and fretboard Mr Nyström, because even the first few seconds of 'phasing Currents' awaken using only the lead guitar old memories. This runs as well as the other three tracks, which certainly the elegiac charm of that era reflect, but the Texans stick altogether too much to the original. The vocals of singer John Johnston are quite remarkable, but maybe not individual enough to help the whole to more autonomy. Short CD, long sense: too much homage! Although she playfully quite have what it takes, and despite really good tunes such as at 'The Untroubled Kingdom Of Reason' - it lacks just consistently genuine own input. In the current state nethermost are not more than talented copycats with no clear identity. But they are only just beginning ... 

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 Released: June 14, 2013
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