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Published: September 3, 2013
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Nethermost is a young band from Texas. Yet, unlike many courses out there, they do not practice nor the country, nor the brutal death tends slamisante. Alpha is their first EP, who define what level of attention should be wearing them. 

18 short minutes is everything needs nethermost to return us to the middle of the 90s, especially in Sweden and England. The glory of the first Katatonia, My Dying Bride of the first, the first Paradise Lost, has never waned, and a whole armada group has been responsible for ensuring the sustainability of this doom tinged melodic death. From the beginning of "Phasing Currents", a first mantra sounds, and other then linked together, never letting the song based on a poor rhythm pattern, giving it a sophistication equivalent to that of the aforementioned groups. Brave Murder Day could count the opener in its tracklist without shame. Texans have mastered both melancholy than older designs, and bombard with almost tautological art, to leave no respite for the listener. 
 After the first title passed so quickly that it has no printing it lasts five minutes, starts "The Untroubled Kingdom Of Reason", which leans more melodeath side of the force, with some optimism in the lead, but a typical acoustic guitar ancestors of the previous paragraph. This difference is seen that paying attention, but it is still nice, and does not detract from the coherence of the whole. The following two pieces are the barrel doom / melodic death, in the line first. And these last two titles (already?) Are of roughly equal quality. Harmonies lead to "Tower Of The Winds" will win the approval of more skeptical, always with these sad melodies so delicious. However, the latter shows a slight drop in speed, but it is not so significant. 
These first pieces already published are full of promise, and all fans of Catatonia, Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride should keep an eye on this training. In the worst case, my review of the album that will surely come a day you will remember.

Rating: 14/20
Reviewed by: Dommedag

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