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Published: December 4, 2013
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The debut album for Texans nethermost represents a typical case of discrete band, but that is still immature. 

"Alpha" is in fact a 4-track EP released by Hypnotic Dirge Records, which lasts just over 18 minutes, and that offers a melodic death / doom listenable, but it has two flaws quite important. First, the personality of the band is still far from being well taken care of, and for all the EP's songs are positioned on a guitar solo that draws notes apathetic and gray, dull that are so convincing, but that should all or most of the Katatonia sound of "Brave Murder Day" and "Discouraged ones", shining only by reflected light and with less convincing because of the rhythms vary little in the songs. The second defect is given by the fact that the band unfortunately recycles in this EP their stylistic solutions, and the turns of the guitar are similar for all 18 minutes or so, with the only "The untroubled Kingdom of reason" to stand out from the other in as weeping, and with a decadent feeling something reminiscent of the early Gothic Paradise Lost or Amorphis. Pity then, as mentioned, the third song begins that is pretty much the same thing as the previous song ... 

It must be said, however, that the sound of the nethermost is not bad, as I said has no special praise, but not horrible thud, leaving a repetition between song and song that can bore the listener to death / doom more demanding. Also, this being the debut album ever, a first job less focused and less successful there may be, though it is hoped that in the future the nethermost know better set their mechanisms to improve. At present, however, "Alpha" is dull, too derivative to really convince me, and I wonder how much more talk of entertainment can be had if you already know the groups that inspired this release. I will try to follow in the next recording effort, and recommend you purchase only if you are hardcore fans of the genre.

Rating: 61/100
Reviewed by: Snarl

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