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Published: July 28, 2013
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If you consider Texas as the birthplace particular country or southern rock, you are absolutely right. But Texas comes from, inter alia, a band that leans more to the melodic and very, very dark metal music. Nethermost , as is the title of this four-member band from Laredo, this year released their first EP "Alpha" and hopefully this review will help at least a little deciding whether to Nethermost to offer.

"Alpha" is a nearly twenty-minute mini-album in whose area Nethermost off four compositions and the spirit of melodic doom / death metal. To put it but said the record straight, from death metal to "Alpha" and takes up vocals and EP and their expression is definitely closer to doom position. On pure doom metal but again it's a little too rozjívené, so we can not talk about a clearly defined genre, rather their intersection. But it is not so much, the important thing is of course how good portion of the music we Nethermost was served to listen to. And that is precisely the moment where a little scythe falls on the stone. But it is not so simple, I could "Alpha" without mercy down, so I'll try to elaborate on that.

The music, which is the "Alpha" is present, it is already within the taught stylish inclusion characterized as dominance of two guitars, one of which is raging somewhere underneath and constitute the main wall of sound, and the second one after the wall painting pure melodic solos. Vocal is a normal medium positioned growl, drums are really just to give rhythm and bass missing. That would be perfectly fine (well, except for the drums, there would have some interesting lines certainly could imagine) and every time what "Alpha" let go, the first few notes say that this is actually a pretty decent music. And she in fact is actually, just suffers from one fatal flaw - it's all absolutely horribly monotonous, both within individual tracks, and in terms of the entire board. Nice melodic theme then completely loses the appeal, he repeats over and over ad nauseam and his place will be taken when the latter, in the extreme case of a third, from apathy to rip or can not happen, not only because it sounds a lot like the previous one, but is doing well i rhythmically, so basically no change is inevitable. Of course I know that this may not always be negative, because they are the group that is capable of a single round of repeated motif conjure up an atmosphere dense as cement base, but there's simply not worked and can not work. The language Nethermost to holt is built.

More trouble lies in the fact that - as I said - this monotony reflected not only in the songs themselves, but also among them. It reaches up to such an extent that the only honorable exception, which is even mention, since I myself did not recognize individual songs. The same rhythm, same tempo, incredibly similar to the guitar and then the songs us distinguish otherwise than by name. How much of a problem this is also confirmed by the fact that boredom starts early and lasts almost nonstop, which is something that in the case of brief čtyřskladbové finger really just do not see ... Onou exception is track number 2, "The untroubled Kingdom of Reason" . As one would expect from the other quite easily distinguished and even she got and what else cruelly missing - internal structure and some of that creativity. As you can see, if a little crazy will eliminate the monotony, once enough about what happened, because "The untroubled Kingdom of Reason" is actually a solid piece that not only is easy to listen to, but is also intelligent enough to miss her atmosphere . The atmosphere is indeed own the whole EP, but elsewhere than in "The untroubled Kingdom of Reason" her man under the cover of grueling boredom hardly notices, let alone apply.

Rate "Alpha" numerically it is quite precarious situation. On the one hand, with the exception of one song incredibly flat feat that man knows a thing ceases to perceive and after a minute (if it ever thus begins). On the other hand, it is but obvious that the band has quite clear about how they want to sound like and what music you want to create, and when they chose the ideas that eventually breaks down the endless repetition, you are ultimately pretty decent and sometimes even very good. Last but not least, Nethermost really young formations, including a two-year hibernation when operating only since 2009, so over those Missteps with a little bit of condescension could possibly turn a blind eye ... I stick above the band yet not break and see if the musicians take to heart these complaints during the composing material on regular album, which he would probably be in production. So far, so 5.5, because that's about the intersection of the bad and the good things "Alpha" offers ...

Rating: 5.5/10
Reviewed by: Short-beaked

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