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June 26, 2013
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Sometimes it happens that you stumble without warning about a pearl that is so had not on the plan, but then a completely knocks. . Including in the case of founded in 2009, Texans nethermost and their debut ep "Alpha" Within a split second the models of the band are already on the opener "phasing Currents" clear: old PARADISE LOST! By "old" I mean in this case of about . their "Gothic" phase up to and including "Icon". Greg Mackintosh himself would lead guitar can not play better! Although this is anything but original, but with so much attention to detail that you can not help but to start the disc over and over again. Great melodies, sophisticated arrangements and an atmosphere you can cut with a knife. The band is curiously described as melodic death metal, which I fortunately can not understand, only the vocals are pretty typical death metal growls. The absolute highlight is the song "The Untroubled Kingdom Of Reason" in which the band all skillfully their strengths plays out. course, all other numbers are specifically for people who since the 90s mourn this very special style hopelessly outdated gothic metal afterwards, a real gold mine. summary it can be stated that the sound though a bit thin, but good fit for this type of music that has sounded so similar with the bigger models. The song material is certainly beyond doubt and me, as the old Paradise Lost fanboy they have anyway already in the bag. One can only hope that nethermost soon release a complete album on a label and then maintain or expand their strengths. Toller, unmodern Metal Crypt, how long has not heard it!

Rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Alex M.

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 Released: June 14, 2013
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Melodic Death-doom Metal