Nethermost - Alpha EP available now!

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Nethermost - Alpha EP available now for free streaming, $2.50 download, and CD order

The debut album from the new melodic death-doom band from South Texas is now available from Hypnotic Dirge Records. In addition to the regular CD edition, the album has also been uploaded to Bandcamp and Youtube for free streaming in its entirety, and is also available as a $2.50 digital download.

Nethermost's debut EP release ¨Alpha,¨ a tribute to nature and the four elements paints a deep and obscure timelessness while offering up powerful and intense melodies and an overall rich atmosphere soaked in ambience and melancholy. Mid-paced melodic doom metal with an emphasis on atmosphere, a thick bass sound and deep vocals conjure up an honest organic sound rooted in the mid-90's death-doom sound. Alpha, while providing an introduction to a new and promising doom band should also appeal to fans of established bands, Katatonia - circa Brave Murder Day, October Tide, and Daylight Dies 

"Alpha" has received a lot of nice feedback from the press so far, including the following from these 'zines:
Hailing from the USA, one would have never imagined this by just listening to the band’s excellent Melodic Death/Doom Metal. With clear influences of early Katatonia, October Tide and similar bands, the band delivers nearly 20 minutes of very well crafted tunes that are quite melancholic and melodic in nature.
-Infernal Masquerade Webzine

Alpha carries with it the attraction of haunting melodies reminiscent of My Dying Bride, paired with crushing death metal vocals – even some slight remnants of black metal lie in the arrangements. Somehow, this pairing carries with it an overwhelming feeling of melancholy and despair. According to the band “Nethermost refers to the lowest point of existence” and the band most certainly utilizes this title accordingly. The highlight track ‘Phasing Currents’ is by far the most effective in atmosphere, containing simple but effective guitar work – something I can certainly appreciate.
-Echoes and Dust Webzine

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