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Published: December 3, 2012
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Project Netra our Mourning already spoke on the occasion of the first work  in the long run, the 2012 sees a new release of this one man band once again under French Hypnotic Dirge, "Sørbyen" is the title of the album, takes and continues the process that began with the first two demos and then with the full made ​​up mostly of Black Metal, Trip Hop and the "melancholy urban" which gave its name to the previous album, and that seems to be the concept on which it is founded on sound. 
in seventy minutes of music offered the propsota is varied, alternating gray and atmospheric parts that wink at Depressive without falling into clichés that have made ​​this subgenre a farce, but rather taking advantage of the good elements such as a riffing that these phases it is simple and minimal, often accompanied by arpeggios in songs like "Wish She Could Vanish" and "Concrete Ocean" (probably the closest to the style DSBM together with the first, half black "I Shall Slay The Monkeys"). 
electronic side is clear but not intrusive, we are many times in front of a beat slow and sounds vaguely retro feeling combined with a low work absolutely commendable, "Emzlah" (taken from the first demo) and "Kill For A Hug" are two of the best examples of this feature, the latter with a finish of style arches film a few decades ago that brings to mind the name of Portishead. 
There are digressions into other genres, "Strange Bliss At Dusk" has a base not too far from the Industrial / EBM while "Ill-Posed My Life" brings up sounds almost New Wave and the opener "A Dance With The Asphalt" has a touch of jazz in its early stages, the best of the proposal, however, is with tracks that can without any effort to immerse the listener in the silent night of a road lit only by streetlights, "Streetlamp Obsession" (a title, a program) and "Crawling" would be very suitable for a midnight stroll in solitude the melancholic vocals, almost always clean, and synths that seem to represent the only lights of a city engulfed in darkness fail to enchant and transport in a parallel dimension that takes the form of a decaying metropolis and empty, although at the same time full of life. 
With this "Sørbyen "Netra then proceeds to his own way: it is curious how a genre that has always been made ​​of the nature and the detachment of modern society two strengths will be able to find life in what has always refused and somehow continues to refuse , it's like this Black Metal was forcibly incorporated into a city that does not feel to be a part but whose features have still influenced his difficult life. 
For me this is one of the most interesting releases of the year, it's not so often hear heard so much work and not at all trivial project to watch, has the potential to give us other gems of this caliber.

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                       NETRA - SØRBYEN 

Released: September 29, 2012
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