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Published: October 30, 2012
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Norway over the snow, cold and SATYRICON has to offer is no longer a secret. That, in their zest's Musical and create include inevitably tip of the iceberg as there is nothing new. But again and again to beat itself has become almost impossible for one might think. But this Norwegian has French roots and shows here with his second work what happens if a Frenchman Norway air sniffs.
Since I took simply no evil Unsuspecting NETRA to order immediately after the first few minutes of listening to determine that it is quite difficult to grasp the project and describe in words understandable. I was such a sound garment in this situation have never been under the ears and that makes it the best will be easier to explain this. In many facets and variety is NETRA with the most interesting thing I got so far heard. Old-established parochial BURZUM , DARKTHRONE and MAYHEM fans of the category of the "true" here should be better put your fingers on exactly how the modern mainstream Metaler. Who dares ran here already should definitely be open to music. It is also not easy to give one out tip, as each song in its perfection of the others too much differs, so none of the full spectrum reproduces. Here you combine influences from black metal through to trip hop through ambience, shoegazing and post-rock. Should really be something and if it is only a few short sections for each. So I am forced to go through each and every song just for a little more insight into the musical world NETRA to represent'S.
So begins the opening track of the album "A dance with the blacktop" very quiet and slow with clean vocals and a few keyboard sounds wrong. Who thinks that it remains fundamentally is disappointed. After a short period of developed NETRA to fucking rock Black'n'Roll with vocal samples and some passages that cry may come from hell. Very melodic is held here on a black metal then repeated with keyboard sounds (which somehow very briefly in the first TROLLFEST . remember) to bring back to earth
Even at "crawling" all starts with a pretty relaxed kind vocals and lots of reverb. "Crawling"  is exactly the kind of a love song that belongs on this album. The basic concept is quiet here continued from start to finish and consistently invites you to dream. "Sørbyen"  is next to the album title, probably the slowest piece, part reminds TENHI and creates a wonderful hypnotic mood. Only to be beefed up with some electronic sounds, it sounded mighty walls of guitars. But remains at "Sørbyen" anything but sleepy unremarkable (What is not noted negative). In "Sørbyen" is however entirely without vocal and text passage.
"A kill for a hug" is equal to the full, and looks onto the body to feel the full broadside of black metal and is decorated with various keyboard tones to suddenly and abruptly slow down. As fast as the rest came, she goes back and then it is given gas. The wonderful contrast between fast and slow drumming electronics like guitar tones makes it a pure genus. Vocally, it's similar to "crawling" on hold. In the last third and for a change a few strings can be heard. The whole accompanied with trip hop sounded make you want more.
The beginning of "Streetlamb obsession" reminds me, not least because of the voice sample, strong to the end of SHINING S "Claws of predition" . Again, you will also being brought into the melodic black metal to ambience inside. However here in the quiet sections of the bass very well again on the bass sound of SHINING S "Halmstad" comes close. Depressivste the song on the disc, where the song was exchanged with intercom deposits. Where possible give the song exactly the required refrigeration. Top
Water drops resembling sounds conduct "Emlazh" and begins with the end of a speech dialogue fully rise and builds up over time on and on. To a mighty sounding and all low end guitars rolling the dust from the membranes fire (roughly comparable to the old IMMORTAL ). Seems minutes after 05:58, so it pulls the plug anyone and you will be sadly torn from this musical journey that bad. It had previously had the feeling someone stopped time.
In "Wish she could vanish" so it seems, a music here comes from nowhere closer to your ear and you will be treated to singing again. Almost hypnotic tied heard here until shortly before closing again torn with guitars of the harder and a cry out of the trance. What's also good because you would otherwise miss the rest of the silver disc. With 1:34 min is "8-mill ill-posed life" the shortest purely musical work on this album, and yet it knows full and convincing. For all that it was too stressful to find here with "it's kicking in" a peaceful haven to relax. Even the whispers and disturbs not only contributes to the peaceful mood. "Concrete Ocean" is definitely the word for black metal. At least after the initial partners is over. Here the wheel was invented but not new fans of depressive black metal ala was BURZUM , SHINING , PHTO ,  hypothermia and FORGOTTEN TOMB are here have their brightest or darkest more joy. A song never ends dürfender ...
"Strange flash at dusk" lets the suspect probably someone here too often ULVER 's "Perdition City" belongs. What starts with a quiet guitar transformed into an overpowering bass einhämmernden gewummer. Perhaps the most beautiful variety of trip-hop to voice my layers can completely do without. Unfortunately the final piece is "I shall slay the Monkeys" . Depending but here is last but not least. Thus, here again given everything and you work through the full range of ability. Raging Black Metal drives with a pained voice at all at full speed again like trying to find a quick end. But it would not NETRA when it would stick to it. Groovy jazz-like is designed and can be part of the Middle "I shall slay the Monkeys' always becoming quiet decay. Even if every now and then the feeling gets it could really start again.
All in all it is a grandiose masterpiece that is unparalleled. Who is open for new experiences and a combination of others  ULVER ( The predition City ), DøHEIMSGARD , SHINING , AUTUMNBLAZE can imagine, and the like, the risk here should really an ear and listen. Modern meets old school, more one can say no more here. It's been offered a new musical era that is unparalleled. 

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed by: Markus Kraus

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                       NETRA - SØRBYEN 

Released: September 29, 2012
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Alternative Black Metal/Trip-hop