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From: Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 5
November 2013
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In my opinion, such music as presented in this CD of Netra is nothing more than a searching for worms in the butt. It is a quite easily understood tendency that it could be defined as a desire to create something new, not standard, original and extraordinary. Well, that’s great, but you have to be careful when you add on some Black Metal into a mix of genres. Especially when other components even aren’t connected to Metal at all.  “Sørbyen” is a hardly characterized work. Firstly, you have to know that the most of this 70-minutes-length album is made of something that would better have been labelled as Darkwave, Trip-Hop or Ambient. Just in some places the roughness of Black Metal connects the CD with the Metal stage. I think that such music is for a jar of whiskey and a thick smoke of a cigar, for relax and meditation. The author of the project, Steven le Moan, seems to be a man who tends to searching for ideas in various musical areas, he is a scientist. Although such concoctions don’t mean anything more than a fairy tale without end and a superficial snatching out - there isn’t absolutely anything that would go deeper into every plane, and to be more precise - there is great evidence that the creator has no competency in any of them. I don’t mean that the music itself is boring or bad - in some places I find the melodies to be really entertaining (such as “Wish She Could Vanish”, but I’d just like to recur that those contemporary pseudo-intellectuals and their searches seem to be just deplorable expressions of inadequacy of ultra-free art and too self-confident, and individualistic homo-sapiens.

Rating: 4/10
Reviewed by: Odium

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                       NETRA - SØRBYEN 

Released: September 29, 2012
1000 Copies
Alternative Black Metal/Trip-hop