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November 15, 2012
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Netra is a French one man black metal project with electronic influences and “Sørbyen” is the second album to come from this moniker. The music here basically uses depressive black metal as the bedrock on which various clean acoustic parts, electronics and a slight goth rock feel all sit. The songs are at their best when its acoustic based melancholic laments or when the whole electronica option is being explored. The actual depressive black metal sounds pretty average and is not very engaging. Even the electronic bits for the most part sound like they were played and recorded on a low end Casio keyboard with some parts sounding suspiciously like the pre-set samples you get on those things. Still, this is not a bad album and the electronica occasionally brings Ulver’s “Perdition City” to mind and helps lift this album slightly above the average. Overall, an interesting listen but also feels a bit disjointed and lacks cohesion.

Rating: 6.5/10
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                       NETRA - SØRBYEN 

Released: September 29, 2012
1000 Copies
Alternative Black Metal/Trip-hop