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Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, December 3, 2012 Under: Album reviews
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December 3, 2012
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French one-man outfit Netra is back with a second album after the interesting Mélancholie Urbaine, called Sørbyen Netra plays some kind of hybrid between depressive black metal, ambient, trip-hop and whatever pops up in his mind. This makes the makes rather eclectic although there is an overarching sense of depression throughout the album. Even blues elements made their way onto the album, which surprisingly suits the depressive black metal format very well. Idiosyncratic, original and emotionally engaging, Sørbyen is not for everyone. However, for those who can endure or even like the unconventional Netra has created an excellent relaxing and interesting album. 

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Martin

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                       NETRA - SØRBYEN 

Released: September 29, 2012
1000 Copies
Alternative Black Metal/Trip-hop