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May 8, 2013
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I probably will not be suitable for listening to a kind of sin, and so I might be in the eyes of those who do not know me as a person "anti-modern", "anti-experimentation." "Frankly I do not care!" Rheet Butler would say really but if you give a listen to this "Sorbyen" the multi-instrumentalist French Netra might agree with myself that as not all foods can be mixed is not always possible to mix material that does not guesses with nothing else material light years away and conceptually imbued with a completely different substance. Pena? A cut and paste hateful in which one of the two genres ends up being literally ruined the other. 
Netra then what does this sound? That is what he would like to propose in this second effort over a long distance? Black Metal (in its meaning "depressive") mixed with ... Trip Hop. 
Could I close here the whole sipping mentally the reaction of the facial muscles of many readers but a minimum wage is just write it. 

Firstly, what's the link to the Black Metal Trip Hop? The only thing that comes to my mind-and I do not speak of style-is related to the production, ie the quality purely lo-fi (if you go to listen to "Dummy" or Portishead's "Blue Lines" by Massive Attack understand). This could at least be in his favor but then we encounter something not removable: the style. The two things have a quid so far that it can not be mixed in a suitable manner, and do not tell me about experimentation and music elite! 

Our friend almost always uses the same sounds and is convinced that in order to build sufficient Trip Hop of a drum machine on some pace around 80-90 bpm, use midi bass and a sad emulator Fender Rhodes sound from more than fake and phrasing rather pathetic. 
If the whole "Sorbyen" was a disc Trip Hop mediocre at least it would have been consistent but what really disgusting in here? Unfortunately, the frequent incursions of Black Metal mold standard and poor quality that break often during the final few songs such as "Emlazh" ruined forever towards the end and "It's Kicking into" that could have been pleasant even without that hateful distorted guitar at the end of the piece. 

So gentlemen, "Sorbyen" can be defined only with the word "ugly" in its most physical of the term as well as excessively long duration (more than one hour and ten!). It is hardly an album I consider it rather brave and reckless in bad taste that is not the result of a choice convivido for both Black Metal and for the same Trip Hop, an already contaminated by thousands of his styles that I do not think he needed to be ruined by a sub-genre of heavy metal akin to nothing. 
I was deeply disappointed but to each his own. One of his audience, even if I do not know how it is possible, I will also have this Netra.

Rating: 48/100

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                       NETRA - SØRBYEN 

Released: September 29, 2012
1000 Copies
Alternative Black Metal/Trip-hop