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Published: June 5, 2013
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Regarding recordings that we go to the review and not the artists with whom I have met in the past, mostly I do not have any exaggerated expectations. However, the more pleasant it is sometimes surprised when this one gets a good album, on which he would otherwise probably never gave a damn. From time to time, but it also happens to be the sort of thing occurs board that is not only good, but much better than good ... much better. And I'm really glad that today we have on the table just a matter, as in this case, from the first sight relatively inconspicuous počinu over time turned out to be absolutely phenomenal and very uncommon divisions on that one encounters every day. Consider it but from the very beginning ...

Netra is a French one-man project, underpinned by a certain musician Steven Le Moan , sometimes performing under the same name as the group itself, or Netra . The emergence of Netra is apparently dates back to 2003, followed by a demo and then the first album "Mélancolie Urbaine" in 2010. Then I heard so far unfortunately, but it's the experience of "Sørbyen" , which is the second album Netra , I'm going soon remedied, as this recording I literally swallowed. But before we get into the actual music site might cost a loss of words for clarification name that does not sound too French - Sørbyen is a suburb of Norway Gjøvik, where Steven Le Moan some time resided. And if it inspired the local climate record so fantastic board, then it is from the perspective of the audience just as well that there was ...

At first glance, the music Netra interesting in that it combines the genres together that at first glance do not have much in common, but in the end this is done in a completely natural and organic form. "Sørbyen" falls somewhere on the border styles as depressive black metal, trip-hop, jazz or ambient, but doing it in such a way that it is in fact the present all genres far beyond and they involve more or less only in terms of the formal side of things. If we take the example mentioned depressive black metal, and with him the "Sørbyen" common in fact just one of those frosty raw guitar sound in riffových passages, as in the atmosphere, however, is a vastly different matter, because the music Netra not downright depressing (which would I personally did not claim not even the most depressive black metal, but it does not belong here now), more like a gloomy, cheerless, and to some extent maybe even melancholy, but a slightly different way than what you under this word primarily about introducing yourself. But just an atmosphere that is "Sørbyen" without exaggeration unique and is one of the most important elements of music, we have to pay, so back to the genres. A little closer to "Sørbyen" to the other trip-hop, but even that does not remain just mentioned jazz and some moments of his influences are added nepřeslechnutelně indeed, sometimes to the events speak to the rock guitar, this will sound electronic substrate. Surely you will agree with me but that rather than similar dissection of what a genre is where the hearings, for us to be much more important fact that even on this seemingly incongruous cocktail works absolutely brilliantly and organically, as if those styles always belonged together. Netra passes between them without blinking an eye, but always smoothly and effortlessly.

Already mentioned was the atmosphere, and as I dared to suggest it is the atmosphere without exaggeration phenomenal. "Sørbyen" breathes quite special mood that seemed in itself mixed atmosphere of the city shrouded in mist in the early morning, the atmosphere of melancholy, depression, fatigue and the boredom of today's world, claustrophobia of ubíjejícího stereotype everyday life, but a bit of decadence or surrealism. That it again looks like a motley mix of everything and nothing really? Probably yes, but only until the tape man let go and convince with that in the grooves disk hides atmosphere that all of these emotions includes, but is still quite compact and especially - and that's what was going on above all - incredibly deep, strong and bewitching. I'm not even entirely sure if everything I listed, there are in fact objectively really is, as with every listen here I feel a bit of something a little different, once there is a little more decadence, and the next day again the melancholy of times according to the current state of mind or even weather windows. Maybe someone will hear something else, and after what I as perceived by me, there'd be no sign, however, if this conjecture in the final result, then you will find that it is actually something quite amazing and something like that can really hardly any music. One can, however I can tell you exactly and absolutely sure - whether I am one or the other day perceive "Sørbyen" one way or another, it was always a compelling experience that was - and in fact every time still is - so strong that me and after approximately month, basically every day (!) listening still not passed the taste to the plate zahloubávat again and again.

As individual songs, here I guess I'll have to pull something on such a unique board completely wrong, namely recenzentské cliché that the album is not a weak song, but can not help the entire area equal to 70 minutes hear any shortcomings. The exception was initially short "My Ill-Posed Life" , in which I feel a little not sitting solo guitar, but it was some sort of brother 10 seconds, in comparison with the remaining 70 minutes, almost brilliant musical experience was like nothing. However, even on that song I after some time without any problems getting accustomed, making it in my ears "Sørbyen" got into a position where I'm not afraid to talk about in essence, a perfect musical gem, which you hardly find his equal. Although I had hitherto explicitly mentioned, maybe it was the previous lines showed spontaneously - although this is a property on which nowadays come across really badly, Netra produces music that is in my humble opinion, really original. That I would say purely on the basis of empirical experience, when I was in my life could listen definitely a four-digit number of albums (the first digit is definitely not one) many different styles and genres, but still I can not in memory recall something that would be in terms of total concept of approaching music, which is to be heard on "Sørbyen" .

Here we have yet again a little departed from the very specific songs, which I had in my original intention to pay really wanted to, because it is on the board poschovávané lots and lots of breathtaking moments that is asking to make them someone pointed and said, that is exactly how it sounds when you're not playing great music. As a result, there is of course a huge number, I do not know what I should say first and what not mention because all pretty good name is not as well vypíchnutím only some would actually automatically minimizing the importance of the others, which in my view are not any worse. I was purely about themselves songs written by four other large paragraphs of text when I found out that I was only somewhere in the middle plate and that just simply designate each composition into one and none of them generously barrage of superlatives. That would mean it was probably boring reading, because it let me leave and instead just repeat that the "Sørbyen" is actually not a single second wrong. And I mean seriously ...

It all sounds too perfect? I acknowledge that I suppose, but when you look down to the final evaluation will help you finally realize that I would none of it did not write, if I was not convinced. Although I did myself at first did not want to believe, "Sørbyen" really is so good, and if I did not give 10/10 this record as an illustration of how much overcome me, then I have no idea what else I should. Quite honestly say that this album I was incredibly eaten into its atmosphere me engulfed in a way that I've been a long time with no other recordings experienced. In my view, it is the highest rating, what can not be granted, entirely adequate. Maybe me some disagree, because it is not a matter which influenced the events on the music scene (indeed, if it were to happen, it would happen - "Sørbyen" is released in September of last year), but it I do not care, because the music Netra for me to fulfill the definition of perfect music, which to me is much more important, and to me that much closer. It still would be some what wide recognition for so introverted matters not suit, because it is the music literally for connoisseurs with an open mind. Who it does have one certainly understand why, in the case of the Netra rating 10/10 on the spot.

Rating: 10/10
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