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ALBUM PREMIERE: Vin de Mia Trix - Palimpsests double-album on Terrorizer!

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, May 27, 2017 Under: Song/Video Premieres
Vin de Mia Trix's new album "PALIMPSESTS" is streaming in FULL on Terrorizer!


Official release next Wednesday through Hypnotic Dirge and Cimmerian Shade Recordings, but the albums arrived from Ukraine yesterday so your pre-orders (and all subsequent orders) will be shipped this weekend!

Order 2CD Here

“Each song on the album covers one such archetype, combining several versions of the same story, reaching out to the old tales and myths. To strengthen this link with the past, we inserted parts of sacred texts in ancient languages into the lyrics. Still, the lyrics are not the focus of this album: music is itself a form of narrative, able to invoke emotions without using words and thus transcending time and culture. We aimed to make the songs as long and multi-faceted as the tales they are dedicated to. They might prove a challenging listen, but, we hope, a captivating and rewarding one.”

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