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ALBUM RELEASE: Feral Light - Life Vapor

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, May 22, 2020 Under: Feral Light
2020 marks the first release of Feral Light under the Hypnotic Dirge Records roster. The name is not new to the scene, being led by guitarist Andy Schoengrund (ex. Empires, ex. Wolvhammer), who formed Feral Light in 2015 with drummer Andrew Reesen, and shortly thereafter released a demo, an EP, and two full-lengths - 2017’s Void/Sanctity and 2019’s excellent Fear Rides a Shadow.

Firmly anchored in Blackened Post-Metal, Life Vapor - their third album -, not only builds up on the foundations of its predecessor, but it also cranks it up on all fronts. It instantly pulls you in with its killer mix of melodic and dissonant riffing, combining and incorporating various styles including elements of post-metal, black n roll, doom, and second-wave black metal. This album is loaded with catchy riffs and memorable hooks exhibiting momentous black n roll sections that transform into triumphant post-metal, somber doom metal, and everywhere in between. Life Vapor is an album that manages to explore a wide berth of what the blackened sub-genres can manifest while remaining rooted by strong and purposeful songwriting and a balanced mix that highlights the instrumentation.

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Digipack and Cover Artwork by: Unexpected Specter

1 - Blood in Sand (7:32)
2 - Assuage (6:36)
3 - Walking Tomb (7:18)
4 - Last Gasp Invocation (7:26)
5 - Hex of Inverses (5:30)
6 - In Summation (5:03)
Total: 39:27

Recorded and mixed by Kyle Kaliszewski 
Mastered by James Plotkin 
Artwork and layout by Unexpected Specter, Logo by Heath Rave 

A note on orders:
Everything in the Feral Light bundle is in stock except for the CD's which are expected to arrive before the end of the month.  If you've ordered a shirt, expect your order to ship this weekend, but if you ordered a bundle or CD, it will be approximately another week until your order is shipped.

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