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ALBUM RELEASE: Frigoris - ...in Stille

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, January 30, 2020 Under: Frigoris
*January 24, 2020*

...In Stille, the fourth album by atmospheric black metal group Frigoris, is the long-awaited conclusion to the concept introduced in their third full length, Nur Ein Moment… (2016) The two opuses share a number of stylistic similarities; both are driven by soaring, melodic leads and roaring, tormented vocals over a backdrop of heavily saturated, melancholic chord riffing and mid-paced, thundering double bass and blast beats. However, ...In Stille builds on the foundation laid by Nur Ein Moment… beautifully – with aggression, emotion, and a sense of urgency that leaves the listener enraptured in a state of existential triumph. To say the songwriting is ‘formulaic’ may sound like a criticism, but in fact Frigoris has mastered their unique formula – alternating between reverberating cleans and pulsing distortion – to move their listeners through the crushing journey of the album’s protagonist as he faces his own mortality in ‘just one minute in silence’…

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1 - Aurora stirbt (8:51)
2 - Funkenflug (7:50)
3 - Das Licht in mir (5:19)
4 - Stimmen im Regen (9:45)
5 - Einkehr (8:21)
6 - Scheideweg (9:02)
7 - Die Gleise an denen wir starben I (Nur ein Moment...) (3:00)
8 - Die Gleise an denen wir starben II (...in Stille) (12:37)
Total: 1:04:44

The album is masterful when it comes to atmosphere, tone, emotions and melody. They can let the melody shine while the vocals rage like a solitary figure standing alone untouched in the middle of a maelstrom... The interwoven melodies are something that only experienced and great songwriters can pull off, and this quartet works in perfect synergy in this area. Bravo!
Metal Temple

Moments of delicate beauty are entwined with aggressive attack, and both are done very well. The non-blackened influences fit neatly into the band’s blackened vision, and the holistic result is one of quality and substance. Here’s a band that clearly know their art well, veering between elements such as the use of affecting strings one moment, and then rough screams and distorted aggression the next.
Wonderbox Metal

"Frigoris deliver a whole-hearted and inspiring piece of work, where raw atmosphere and complex emotion blend perfectly."
Everything is Noise

"The best atmospheric black metal release of 2020? It’s far too early to say but it won’t come as much of a surprise to see this near the top of the ‘best of’ lists come the end of the year."
Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

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