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ALBUM RELEASE: Marche Funèbre - Einderlicht

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, September 25, 2020 Under: Marche Funèbre
Today marks the official release date of Marche Funèbre's fourth album "Einderlicht"! The album is available to order in both digipack CD and Double LP formats from Hypnotic Dirge, Solitude Productions (Russia), and The Vinyl Division (Spain). Additionally, we have Einderlicht shirts available to order as well as exclusive bundles with a patch, sticker, and magnet.

Marche Funèbre will be celebrating the release of "Einderlicht" with two very special release shows, both limited in capacity due to COVID-19 regulations in Belgium. They will play "Einderlicht" in its entirety in their hometown of Mechelen on Friday night, followed by an appearance at Darken the Moon XIII on Saturday. Playing alongside Marche Funèbre will be Psychonaut, Sons of a Wanted Man, Splendidula, and Witch Trail. 

For now, there is nothing more to be said. Enjoy the bells of DOOM!

Order "Einderlicht" Merch
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*Note: If you live near in or near Russia, it might be advantageous for you to order the CD from Solitude Productions, and if you are anywhere in Europe / Russia, it will definitely be advantageous for you to order the DLP from The Vinyl Division.

Mixed by: Marcus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E
Album art by: Brooke Shaden Photography

Album notes:

2020 sees the release of Marche Funèbre‘s 4th full length album. The Belgian quintet has built a steady reputation of making a unique blend of eclectic doom death metal, and their new album proves to be the pinnacle of their growth.
Entitled ‘Einderlicht’, which translates as the light at/of the end, the new album brings all the elements known from Marche Funèbre: death, black, and doom metal in a unique mix, with strong melodies and a wide vocal approach.

Never change a winning team, so we recorded the new album with Markus Stock once again, known for his productions with such bands as Empyrium, the Vision Bleak, Alcest, Secrets of the Moon, and countless more. Also for the artwork another magical creation by Brooke Shaden was used.

The album consists of 6 songs, written between 2016 and 2019. Thematically we focused on the strange ability of mankind to deliberately decide to end one’s life. The title track ‘Einderlicht’ is also our first song in Dutch.

1 - Scarred (9:56)
2 - The Eye of the End (7:11)
3 - When All is Said (11:25)
4 - The Maelstrom Mute (7:03)
5 - Deformed (9:56)
6 - Einderlicht (10:53)
Total: 56:25

Bandcamp Player:

"When All Is Said" Lyric Video:

"The Maelstrom Mute" Music Video:

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